How many people use the Internet to find economic or financial information?

Of the approximately 220 million online users in the United States, according to the Pew Research Center, nearly 70%—or 154 million people—seek some form of economic information while surfing the Internet.

Where Americans get their financial and economic news.

Where Americans get their financial and economic news.

What are the most popular sources of financial information?

Among Americans who use broadband to connect to the Internet, 52% get their financial and economic information from the Web, compared with 43% for TV/cable, and 46% for newspapers.

How do Americans find economic information?

Americans use a variety of sources: talking to people; using the Internet; hearing about some financial information while watching TV; listening to financial programming on the radio; and reading a newspaper.

How active are Americans in using the Web to find financial and economic information?

Only 18% of Americans actively use the Internet every day to find financial and economic information. About half of all Internet users get this information every few days.

What percentage of online economic users receive alerts or feeds about news and information pertaining to their investments?

About 13% of these users utilize Really Simple Syndication feeds ("RSS feeds") and other alerting tools that allow them automatically to receive information from a website, blog, financial company, or news source that is relevant to their investments or investing ideas.

What percentage of economic users online use the Internet to find information to protect their personal finances?

Twenty-seven percent of all users use the Internet in some form to seek information to protect and grow their investments. Seventeen percent use the Web to compare financial companies and professionals who work in financial services.

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