Hospital Capacity Management: Insights and Strategies

Hospital PrioritiesBed AssignmentInpatient and OutpatientEmergency DepartmentObservation CareDetermining Patients Level of CareEmergency Department AdmissionsTypes of Hospital BedsICU Intensive Care BedsMed/Surg BedsEmergency Department BedsCapacity Management StrategiesHospital PrepED RoundingDischarging PatientsGeographic StaffingThe Generic ModelAdmit/Rounder ModelObservation UnitsSize and Staffing ModelingUnit Requirements AnalysisUnit LocationStaffingWindow of VisibilitySurgical Short Stay UnitsHospital Capacity Management MetricsComplex Care PatientsIntegrated Patient CareThe Patient Centered Admission TeamStandard Admission Time = 6 h and 5 minPCAT Admission Time = 50 minPCAT LocationReal-World ImpactEfficient Patient TransferPriority 1 TransportPriority 2 TransportPriority 3 TransportTeam-Based CareStandard WorkAn Example of Team-Based Care StaffingTestingConsultsPharmacyEnvironmental ServicesTechniciansSeven Standards of Team-Based CareStandardized Discharge ProcessAn Emergency Department PCAT Model:The HOT ZONE-Day Readmission Discussion and StrategiesState VariabilityMarylandStatesRole of the PCP in 30-Day Readmission ReductionRole of the Emergency Department in 30-Day Readmission ReductionThe Admitting Process Role in 30-Day ReadmissionsThe Care Delivery ProcessThe Discharge Process Role in 30-Day Readmission ReductionFollow-Up PlansThe Post Discharge Role in 30-Day Readmission ReductionsAdditional Capacity Management ProgramsProceduralist ProgramDischarges before NoonPhysiciansSecretariesNursesBed-AssignmentEnvironmental ServicesHospital OccupancyLevelingProvider StaffingTesting and ConsultingAchieving Discharges before NoonDischarge Definition: The Patient Has Left the Bed, The Bed Has Been Cleaned, and Notification Has Reached Bed AssignmentStandardization during DischargeLevelingLeveling an Orthopedics Service LineAncillary Demand StaffingSurgeStarting a Patient Flow TeamOptimal Hospital Operational StrategiesPhase ICentralized Bed AssignmentBed Assignment PriorityEmergency Department AdmissionsHospital Bed ConstructDenials ManagementPhase IIPhase III: Process RedesignMaterial and SuppliesPatient Care DeliveryAncillary Care Delivery RedesignPhase IV: Complex Process RedesignDemand Level StaffingSpace UtilizationLeveling (Elective Scheduling)Process ImprovementED to ICU Transfer ProjectProject FocusDataLeadershipTimelineScalingCelebrationReduction in Operating Room Turn TimesProject FocusDataLeadershipTimelineScalingBibliographyGlossaryIndex
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