Pandemic treatments for transforming cell mutation into normalcy in unity of knowledge as the ontological premise of technical modelling


The ever-evolutionary learning universe of‘everything’ (Barrow, 1991)1 in the framework of abstracto-empirical modulation of unity of knowledge as the primal ontological premise is followed thereby by a plethora of diverse functional ontologies (Gruber, 1993; Maxwell, 1962).2 Such secondary ontologies convey the diversity of models and structures of logical formalism in the multidisciplinary context. Now in reference to Chapter 1 the context of mutation of coronavirus is one logical form that emanates from the ontology of oppositeness to unity of knowledge that characterizes the nature of methodological individualism. Thereby, the continuity of such mutations in the res externa domain of its own persistence marks its own contrary form of continuum to the case of continuity of normalcy. Normalcy is the continuous unified state or paired by organic unity of knowledge that complements in the realm of knowledge, space, and time in contrariness to mutations as disjoint and thereby discontinuous entities. Yet by the intervention of appropriate treatments of the socio-scientific nature reversals are possible. That is mutations in their states of methodological individualism (‘de-knowledge’) can reconstruct into organic pairing by unity of knowledge arising from the learnt ontology of complementary oneness. Mutations thereby reconstruct into normalcy by the application of treatments that manifest the abstracto-empirical nature of unity of knowledge. On the other hand, normalcy can deconstruct into mutations. Improper treatments could be a cause of such socio-scientific degradation. The treatments are flawed by their application of separateness in the dissociative multidisciplinary worldview of ‘de-knowledge.’

An example of reconstruction of mutations into normalcy out of the state of coronavirus is to discover treatments that organically pair. That is such treatments complement between materiality and the moral and ethical inclusiveness in the socio-scientific holism in the context of unifying these domains by the application of the methodology of unity of knowledge. The search for a vaccine based purely on medical science at the expense of behavioural change with psychological attimde towards wellbeing and moral inclusiveness in the global social order at large would be a fiasco in temis of sustainability. In that case, only local cure with vaccine may be possible. Coronavirus in its vastly mutated form will subsequently arise and continue. Vaccine and medical treatments will thus fail to be a sustainable actualization in wellbeing. The global order will forever remain divided in its search for a unified outlook in wellbeing and sustainability. Capitalism will prevail as the sickness of a methodological individualized world competing for self, power, and hegemony. The resulting human world-system will thus be corrupted by capitalism or another (Pickety, 2017; Wallerstein, 1980).3

Towards abstracto-empirical innovation of multidisciplinary ensemble according to the ontology of unity of knowledge and the particularities of diversity in the world-system

Such an inept approach to treatment of coronavirus pandemic is found with the American political and power struggle that had overridden the prolonged contest between the US government and the states on the matter of lockdown against reopening the economy for these two opposing forms of wellbeing. The souring geopolitical factor showed up by the opposing relations between the American and Chinese versions concerning the laboratory oiigin of coronavirus vims.

The contrasting treatments approach on arresting the advance of coronavirus was also noted in the almost exclusive focus that was placed on technological solution to the pandemic at the negligence of a behavioural socio-psychological approach. This was the type of treatment that was supported by Bill Gates in spite of his most charitable viewpoint on spending in various elements of social wellbeing that Bill Gates upholds (UTube, TED Talk, “The next outbreak”).

We will argue using the multidisciplinary unified ontological formalism, that to attain such a socio-scientific objective goal requires the methodology of stabilizing sustainability as inter-causal experience in diversity arising from unity of knowledge by interaction, integration, and evolutionary (HE) learning. The embedded uncertainty of attaining full effectiveness of treatment will always remain. Hence it is futile to aim at discovering a perfectly functioning vaccine, antibody test, and merely alternative means of cure. The probabilistic namre of pandemic will prevail. Yet lowering this incidence ought to be the advancing objective of abstracto-empirical innovations arising from the embedding between technology and psycho- behavioural span of investigation within the socio-scientific ontology of unity of knowledge across knowledge, space, and time dimensions.

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