Model symbolism and treatment for restoring mutation to normalcy with unity of knowledge

The sudden eruption of coronavims as one example of a great pandemic has failed to unravel its cause and origin. Viruses in general are invisible organisms. They owe their mutation and its destruction towards normalcy to yet unknown explained treatments. Thus, by its reformation, normalcy attained from an episode of viral mutation will always exist as an invisible curative and investigated organism, hi the episteme of unity of knowledge the methodological worldview of treatment conveyed by Figure 2.1 is a symbolic study of mathematical consequences as are explained by expression (2.1). The meaning conveyed here is that complementary applications of treatments as RCTs exemplified in Chapter 1 with the ontological model of unity of knowledge configure possible complementarities in the health versus illness scenario. Such a model deepens the associated wellbeing with moral sustainability for a long duration in knowledge, space, and time knowledge-induced continuum. These are the fundamental ingredients of the universal methodological model of unity of knowledge applied to verities of the health versus ilhiess scenarios and treatments. Such verities of problems and their treatments in the mathematical model of unity of knowledge as logical formalism convey the importance of psychological behaviour through its practice and enforcement by the application of knowledge as ontological treatment with the attributes of conviction of belief, behaviour, psychology, policies, and moral choices at large.

There is now the following conclusion regarding our prescriptive model. The ontological methodological worldview of unity of knowledge forms the prescribed premise of an analytical model of socio-scientific nature of cure. This model is simulated by an evaluation of the wellbeing objective criterion in the continuum of sustainability. In the new awakening era of pandemic treatment and avoidance to a large scale in evolutionary processes of model simulation, science and technology, research and development, government, industry, the global institutional order, and policy applications could be preparatory instruments. This approach is a comprehensive one that Bill Gates in spite of his foreboding on the coming age of pandemic episode forgot to encapsulate within a moral and material wrapping as of embedding the model with the episteme of unity of knowledge (Bill Gates, 2015-04-03). “The next outbreak? We are not ready,” U- Tube, TED).

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