An example of restructuring for science-economv- soeiety moral inclusiveness

The endogenous nature of restructuring the future model of pandemic control, treatment, and cure is based on a comprehensive alteration of the existing economic and social framework of growth that promotes marginal rate of substitution between all forms of goods, services, and resources. The contrary model is premised on pervasive complementarities between the good choices all taken up within the objective of wellbeing. We now design a particular form of economic and social model that is premised on and continues to sustain the pervasively complementary inter-variable relations between the good choices while avoiding the unwanted ones for the objective of controlling the pandemic situation by the framework of such choices. Thereby, the epistemic outlook of unity of knowledge remains in consilience with the scientific, economic, and social entities. Here are the words of Parramore (2020)11 that cast human future of uncertainty despite the clamor of scientific feat:

But in this season of shattered expectations, a vims blows up our best- laid plans and mocks our carefully crafted models. When the future catches us unawares, anxiety surges. Right now, millennials are worried. Teachers are worried. Retirees are wonied. The rich are worried. Hell, even Donald Tramp is getting worried.

We take the example of the life-fulfillment wellbeing function arising from the complementary agri-industry based consumption and production menus in the economy-wide seirse. Along with such an industrial structure are also the complementary labor force, its entrepreneurial characteristic, sustainability attributes of cultural and spiritual values that deepen communitarian empathy, clean living, and environmental coexistence. The nature of consumption and production can be so utilized and managed as to commercialize life-sustaining medicine and healthy artefacts of life. Herbal medicinal system, prophetic medicinal system (Zakaria, 6 April 2020),12 and reducing pharmaceutical toxic waste in medicine production and consumption through their complexity and expensive chemical dispensation are examples that establish ecological harmony while they promote wellbeing.

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