The construct of learning leadership and the evolution of its effect on organizational learning


Learning leadership should be viewed from the perspective of the effective leadership, because only leadership process and behaviors that facilitate organizational learning can be categorized as learning leadership. For Chinese enterprises, the effective learning leadership is one based on leadership in Chinese culture and integrated with the characteristics of western culture. Therefore, this study will follow the research paradigm ofYukl (1999), expert in the research on effective leadership, to construct a structural model of learning leadership in China at the current stage based on the effective leadership behavior for organizational learning under paternalistic leadership, transformational leadership, transactional leadership and servant leadership; on this basis, this study also explores the role of learning leadership in organizational learning, with focus on the models of learning leadership needed in a company’s different stages of development.

Theoretical basis and research questions

Study on transformational leadership, transactional leadership and paternalistic leadership and their relationship with organizational learning

The relationship between transformational leadership, transactional leadership and paternalistic leadership with organizational learning has been extensively studied (e.g., Vera & Manor, 2004; Nemanich & Vera, 2007; Jansen et al., 2007; Yu Haibo et ah, 2008a; Chen & Zhao, 2010; see details in Section 4.1 of this chapter). Their studies show that transformational leadership can influence organizational learning through some mediator variables, and transactional leadership can significantly promote some aspects of organizational learning. Therefore, we can conclude that both transformational leadership and transactional leadership are important to organizational learning.

The analysis of the relationship between transformational, transactional and paternalistic leadership and organizational learning can be found in Tables 4.3,

4.4 and 4.9.

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