Should I move out of my house when I am trying to sell it?

Absolutely not. Unless your job forces you to move before selling the house, it is very important that your house look as if someone is currently living in it. Nothing detracts more from the sale price of your house than walking through a series of empty box-like rooms, with no signs of life. Your house is much more valuable when you are still living in it.

What about all my clutter?

One of the best things you can do when trying to sell your house is to go through and de-clutter every room. This means taking a very minimalist approach, and removing all but the most essential items. This means you should display no stacks of anything in any room, and should have no toys in view.

What about photographs and personal art?

Again, if you want to make your house appeal to the largest number of buyers, do not display personal artwork and photographs, unless they are completely neutral. Your house should be perfectly clean and orderly.

How quickly do people form first impressions?

The speed with which we are able to decide whether something is good or bad is measured in tenths of a second. With our ability to use the Internet to see pictures of houses, we are deciding whether we like a house or not in seconds. This means a seller must take extra care to make his house as attractive as possible.

What does the expression "priced to sell" mean?

Priced to sell means your house is competing with many other houses for sale, and you want to price the house low enough so that it will be among the first houses that people consider buying. That means pricing the house lower than its rivals at the onset. But it really depends on personal preferences and factors, including how long the seller wishes to keep the property on the market, the minimum and maximum price the seller desires, and how much the seller wishes to profit on the transaction.

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