Why is location so important for rental investments?

Many factors may influence your success rate with rental investments. Some important factors include: population density (avoid rural areas); excellent school systems; obvious demographics (high employment equals better tenants); proximity to jobs and public transit; public safety; and proximity to shopping.

What can I discover from U.S. Census data that supports demand for rental housing?

On a macroeconomic level, you can see why future prospects for housing rentals may continue to grow. Age groups that showed the greatest increase (from 2000 to 2010) are people in their twenties seeking their first home, and people in their sixties who may be selling their primary residence and renting.

Why are real estate analysts cited by The Wall Street Journal worried for small college town rental property owners?

In a recent article, real estate experts warned that, with the glut of college rental housing construction fueled by private equity investing and investments made by real estate investment trusts, small private owners of aging college rental units will find it difficult to keep and attract clients.

On a macroeconomic level, how much building of college rental beds has recently occurred?

Citing a recent real estate research report by AXIOMetrics, The Wall Street Journal states there have been approximately 310,000 off-campus beds constructed during the past decade, 51,000 constructed in 2013 and more than 50,000 slated for 2014.

What other factors point to difficulties in the college rental market?

Experts have published research that shows rent increases in this market at only 0.5%, or essentially no increase, as the markets adjust to the new supply of available rental options.

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