What percentage of Americans do not have enough money saved for even six months of living expenses?

According to personal finance experts at The Huffington Post, citing a recent telephone survey of a representative sample of the U.S. working population, 75% of all Americans do not have an emergency savings fund capable of funding six months of expenses to be used for emergency purposes, such as a sudden job change, health issue, or other unexpected event or expense.

What percentage of people have less than a three-month expense cushion?

According to editors at CNN Money, citing the same study above, 50% of all working Americans lack even a three-month savings cushion.

What percentage of Americans have no savings at all?

In a survey by, 27% of all Americans have no savings at all.

How many working households have no money saved for retirement?

According to financial editors at USA Today, citing a 2013 survey conducted by the Washington, D.C.-based National Institute on Retirement Security, 38 million working households have no money saved for their retirement.

What is the median retirement savings balance for people ten years away from retirement?

Experts at the National Institute on Retirement Security found that the median retirement savings for people who are nearing retirement is $12,000.

Among people who are retired, what percentage have no money to use for their retirement?

One-third of all retired people have no money to use for their retirement.

What is a participant-directed 401 (k) plan?

If an employer-sponsored plan is participant-directed, it means that the employee can choose from a variety of stocks, mutual funds, and bond funds, as well as the company's own stock (if the company is publicly traded), and invest a sum of money before taxes each pay period.

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