Dramatis personae

  • • Margaret Beckett, deputy Labour Party leader (1992—94) and acting leader (1994)
  • • Tony Blair, Labour Party leader (1994-2007) and prime minister (1997-2007)
  • • Gordon Brown, chancellor of the exchequer (1997-2007), leader of the Labour Party and prime minister (2007-10)
  • • Alastair Campbell, chief press spokesman to the leader of the Labour Party (1994—97) and No.10 director of communications and strategy (1997-2003)
  • • Charles Clarke, chief of staff to the leader of the Labour Party (1983—92)
  • • Jeremy Corbyn, Labour Party leader (2015-)
  • • Harriet Harman, deputy leader of the Labour Party (2007-15)
  • • Patricia Hewitt, chief press secretary, leader of the Opposition’s office (1983-92)
  • • Neil Kinnock, Labour Party leader (1983-92), transport commissioner and vice president, European Commission (1995-2004)
  • • John McDonnell, shadow chancellor of the exchequer (2015-)
  • • Peter Mandelson, Labour’s director of campaigns and communications (1985—90), member of parliament and cabinet minister (1997-2010)
  • • Ed Miliband, Labour Party leader (2010-15)
  • • John Prescott, Labour Party deputy leader (1994-2007)
  • • John Smith, shadow chancellor (1987—92) and Labour Party leader (1992-94)

Acknowledgements and preface

I would like to thank the following who were kind enough to grant me interviews that informed this study: Lord Andrew Adonis, Baroness Hilary Armstrong, Lord John Birt, Rt. Hon. Tony Blair, Rt. Hon. David Blunkett, Rt. Hon. Andy Burnham, Rt. Hon. Charles Clarke (twice), Paul Corrigan, Dan Corry (twice), Lord Bernard Donoughue, John Dunford, Naomi Eisenstadt CB, Lord Roy Hattersley, Sir Jeremy Heywood, Gavin Kelly, Martin Kettle, Peter Kyle MP, Professor Sir Julian Le Grand MBE, Dick Leonard, Lord Roger Liddle, Lord David Lipsey, James MacIntyre, Lord Peter Mandelson, Professor David Marquand, Will Marshall, Pat McFadden MP, Dr Tony McNulty, Rt. Hon. David Miliband, Rt. Hon. Estelle Morris, Geoff Mulgan CBE, Dr Martin O’Neill, Geoffrey Norris, Will Paxton, Nick Pearce, Lord Raymond Plant, Lord Giles Radice, Lord Bill Rodgers, Will Somerville, Matthew Taylor OBE, Anna Turley, Sam White and Lord Stewart Wood. I would also like to thank two anonymous reviewers for their insightful comments and feedback. I had a series of very fruitful conversations with several leading political commentators: Andrew Grice, Martin Kettle, Peter Riddell and Philip Stephens. In addition, I would like to thank my colleagues at Queen Mary University of London for beneficial discussions over the last seven years: Professor Michael Kenny, Professor Tim Bale, Dr Madeleine Davis, Dr Robert Saunders, Dr James Ellison, Dr Karl Pike and Colm Murphy. Andrew Taylor and Sophie Iddamalgoda at Routledge were a pleasure to work with, helpful and patient throughout.

In the book I have drawn on material from the following published articles: ‘Breaking the Mould? Royjenkins’ “Radical Centre” and British Social Democracy in the “New Hard Times”, Political Quarterly, Volume 90 (1), pp. 134-142, 2019; and ‘Introduction: The Progressive Dilemma in British Politics’, Political Quarterly, Volume 88 (1), pp. 6-12, 2017 (with Professor Michael Kenny). I would also like to thank the librarians at the London School of Economics

(LSE); the Museum of Labour History in Manchester; the Bishopsgate Institute in London; and the Archives Centre, Churchill College, Cambridge. This account draws inevitably on numerous intellectual perspectives. The first is my training as an academic political scientist. The second outlook reflects the experience of serving as a special adviser in the Labour governments between 2000 and 2010 in the Northern Ireland Office, the Downing Street Policy Unit and the Cabinet Office. As a consequence, I have been able to draw on testimonies and documents not otherwise available to the scholarly community.

Patrick Diamond June 2020

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