IFC and Agriculture

IFC has made agribusiness a priority because of its potential for broad development impact and especially strong role in poverty reduction. It combines investments and advisory services to help the sector address higher demand and escalating food prices in an environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive way. IFC also supports global initiatives for sustainable production of agricultural commodities.

IFC provides support for the private sector to address rising demand in an environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive way. To help clients finance inventories, seeds, fertilizers, chemicals, and fuel for farmers, IFC offers working-capital facilities. To facilitate trade and lower costs, IFC pursues investments in infrastructure such as warehouses and cold-storage facilities, and to bring land into sustainable production, IFC works to improve productivity by transferring technologies and making the best use of resources.

MIGA and Agriculture

MIGA guarantees mitigate the noncommercial risks of agribusiness investments, thereby lowering the cost of capital and helping to secure financing. Its insurance reassures lenders that their investments are protected and helps equity owners overcome hesitations that may loom large prior to deal signing, particularly for costly investments in high-risk countries.

Once a deal is in place, MIGA guarantees, backed by the World Bank Group, provide an added measure of security that can stabilize a project's risk profile and reinforce positive relations with host governments. MIGA can also help guide agribusiness companies as they face challenges related to the environmental and social aspects of their investments. MIGA also advises its agribusiness clients on implementing social and environmental best practices in their operations.

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IFC and Agriculture


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