Analytic and Advisory Activities

(See also Products and Services.)

World Bank Advisory Services

The vast research, analytical, and technical capabilities of the World Bank are a vital part of its contribution to development. Use of these services can help member governments adopt better policies, programs, and reforms that lead to greater economic growth and poverty reduction. Products range from reports on key economic and social issues, to policy notes, to knowledge-sharing workshops and conferences.

Most of the Bank's analytic and advisory services— that is, its nonlending activities—consist of economic and sector work and technical assistance. Economic and sector analysis examines a country's economic prospects—including, for example, its banking or financial sectors—and its trade, poverty, and social safety net issues. The results often form the basis for assistance strategies, government investment programs, and projects supported by IBRD and IDA lending and guarantees. Much of this economic research output is available through the World Bank's research website.

The Bank's advisory services provide information on such topics as environmentally and socially sustainable development; the financial sector; health, nutrition, and population; and law and justice. Advisory services serve the Bank's clients and staff members, other development organizations, and the general public.

IFC Advisory Services

IFC's work includes advising national and local governments on how to improve their investment climate and strengthen basic infrastructure. The Corporation helps companies improve corporate governance, strengthen risk management, and become more sustainable—financially, environmentally, and socially.

At the end of fiscal 2014, IFC had an active portfolio of more than 700 advisory services projects in more than 100 countries. Almost two-thirds of the fiscal 2014 program was in IDA countries, and 20 percent was in fragile and conflict-affected areas. During fiscal 2014, IFC provided advice in four broad areas:

• Helping increase the availability and affordability of financial services for individuals and for micro, small, and medium enterprises. IFC helps its financial clients provide broad-based financial services and build the financial infrastructure necessary for sustainable growth and employment.

• Helping governments implement reforms that improve the business environment and encourage and retain investment, thereby fostering competitive markets, growth, and job creation. IFC also helps resolve legal and policy weaknesses that inhibit investment.

• Helping clients promote sound environmental, social, governance, and industry standards; catalyze investment in clean energy and resource efficiency; and support sustainable supply chains and community investment.

• Helping governments design and implement public-private partnerships in infrastructure and other basic public services. IFC's advice helps maximize the potential of the private sector to increase access to public services such as electricity, water, health, and education while enhancing their quality and efficiency

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