World Bank in East Asia and Pacific

In line with the WBG strategy, the Bank is supporting the $80 million National Community Driven Development Project to help realize the government's goal of "people-centered" development and the $140 million Myanmar Electric Power Project to help address the country's urgent energy needs. The Bank is also helping the government improve economic governance and create conditions for growth and jobs by providing policy advice and technical assistance.

Recent World Bank projects in East Asia and Pacific include those in the health care, power, and education sectors:

• The China Tuberculosis Control Project was

the largest tuberculosis control project funded by the World Bank in the world, covering 668 million people in 16 provinces. It registered and treated close to 1.6 million new patients. More than 1.5 million of these patients completed treatment (94.2 percent), and nearly 1.5 million patients were cured (93.8 percent).

• The Renewable Energy and Rural Electricity Access Project (REAP) helped the government of Mongolia complete its National 100,000 Solar Ger Electrification Program, which provided over half a million nomadic herders with access to electricity through portable solar home systems.

• The Rural Education and Development (READ) Project has helped set up classroom libraries in all 383 primary schools in rural Mongolia, which until 2006 had almost no books. The project also helped put 200 new titles of children's books on the local market, delivered more than 676,000 books to classrooms, and essentially turned students in grades 1-5 into regular readers and book authors.

IFC in East Asia and Pacific

In East Asia and Pacific, IFC focuses on supporting sustainable, private sector-led development to ensure that the region's economic growth reaches all segments of society.

Economic growth in the East Asia and Pacific region has lifted millions out of poverty over the past decades. Yet, high income inequality remains a challenge. Supporting inclusive growth is one of IFC's priorities in the region—where its commitments reached a record $4.2 billion in fiscal 2014, including $1.4 billion mobilized from other investors.

IFC's clients provided employment for over 550,000 people, helped educate more than 3,000 students, and supplied power to over 33 million people in the region. In the financial sector, they provided nearly 6.5 million loans, totaling more than $100 billion, to micro, small, and medium enterprises.

MIGA in East Asia and Pacific

Recent guarantees issued by MIGA for investments in East Asia and Pacific supported a range of sectors, including water and wastewater in China, mining in Indonesia, banking in Thailand, and transportation, chemicals, and manufacturing in Vietnam. The Agency has a business hub in Singapore and representatives in other Asian capitals to provide support for inbound and outward investments.

Data Resources on East Asia and Pacific

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