Financial Products and Services

(See also Products and Services; Finance and Markets.) The World Bank Group offers a number of innovative financing instruments and banking products for a wide variety of projects, sectors, and investors:

• Investment project financing provides IBRD loan, IDA credit/grant, and guarantee financing to countries for activities that create the physical and social infrastructure necessary to reducing poverty and creating sustainable development.

• Development policy financing provides IBRD loan, IDA credit/grant, and guarantee budget support to governments (or a political subdivision) for a program of policy and institutional actions that help achieve sustainable shared growth and poverty reduction.

• Program-for-Results links disbursement of funds directly to the delivery of defined results, helping countries improve the design and implementation of their own development programs and achieve lasting results by strengthening institutions and building capacity.

• Trust funds and grants allow scaling up of activities, notably in fragile and crisis-affected situations; enable the Bank Group to provide support when its ability to lend is limited; provide immediate assistance in response to natural disasters and other emergencies; and pilot innovations that are later mainstreamed into Bank Group operations.

• Private sector options for financing, direct investment, and guarantees are provided by IBRD, IDA, IFC, and MIGA.

• Customized options and risk management.

Financial Reporting

(See also Annual Reports.) Each World Bank Group institution provides detailed financial statements in its annual report. The reports catalog financial performance and new activities. They also include comparative information on the regions and development sectors in which the institutions have provided assistance. The reports are available free to the public, both in print and on the Internet. The reports are published in multiple languages, and the websites include past editions.

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