General Services Department

(See also Enabling Services.) The World Bank Group's General Services Department (GSD) provides a wide range of shared corporate services that are essential to the Bank Group's effective functioning. GSD supports and strengthens the Bank Group's primary mission by providing integrated services to make the work environment safe, comfortable, and functional. This unit is responsible for the design and maintenance of office space; procurement of goods and services; translation and interpretation; security; travel and shipping support; printing and graphic design; and mail, messenger, and food services. IFC and MIGA handle some of these responsibilities through their own offices for facilities management and administration.

Global Agriculture and Food Security Program

The Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP) is a multilateral mechanism that supports country-led agriculture and food security plans and helps promote investments in smallholder farmers. The Group of 20 Summit in September 2009 asked the World Bank to prepare a multilateral mechanism to help implement pledges to long-term food security made at the L'Aquila Summit in July 2009. This mechanism is intended to fill the financing gaps in national and regional agriculture and food security strategies. The overall objective is to improve incomes and food and nutrition security in low-income countries by boosting agricultural productivity.

Global and Regional Partnership Programs

Global and regional partnership programs are development programs that are organized outside the Bank's regular country operations at a cross-country level. They are thematic in focus and involve other partners (for example, bilateral donors, international organizations, civil society organizations such as foundations, or the private sector) in their structure. They generally involve external funding committed at the program level.

The Bank plays a number of roles in these programs and may be a donor, trustee, or both, as well as house and manage the secretariat where relevant, implement the activities at the country level, or provide other forms of collaborative support.

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