Finance and Markets

Resilient, efficient, and transparent financial systems are essential to promoting a strong economy, ending extreme poverty, and building shared prosperity. By maintaining a healthy financial system, an economy can mobilize the capital it needs for investments in development priorities—infrastructure, industry, and social services—and in its people. The Finance and Markets Global Practice delivers tailored development solutions with WBG financial knowledge and convening services. The practice implements comprehensive solutions that integrate World Bank services (loans, credits, and risk management products) and IFC services (advisories and investments in private sector firms).


Governance is defined as the traditions and institutions by which authority in a country is exercised for the common good. Systems of governance that are transparent, responsive, participatory, and accountable ensure that benefits and services are delivered to the citizens that need them most, especially the poor and marginalized. Open and accountable public institutions help build citizens' trust in government and support for development policies and outcomes. The Governance Global Practice brings together professionals in procurement, financial management, taxation, public management, regulatory policy, open and accountable government, citizen engagement, digital governance, law and development, anticorruption, and social accountability to develop innovative, integrated solutions to pernicious institutional problems.

Health, Nutrition, and Population

High child, maternal, and adult mortality and widespread malnutrition and persistently high fertility— along with other health, nutrition, and population challenges—remain primary constraints to development in many countries. The Health, Nutrition, and Population Global Practice aims to accelerate progress toward universal health coverage so that by 2030 no one will be tipped into or kept in poverty because of expenditures on health care, and the poorest 40 percent of the population will have access to the quality health, nutrition, and population services they need.

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