Information and Communication Technologies

The Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector strategy, adopted in 2012, helps developing countries use information and communication technologies to transform the delivery of public services, drive innovations and productivity gains, and improve competitiveness. The strategy reflects rapid changes in the sector over the past decade, including a dramatic increase in use of mobile phones and the Internet, a sharp drop in the prices of computing and mobile Internet devices, and the increasing prevalence of social media.

Under this strategy, the World Bank, IFC, and MIGA focus on three priority areas:

• Transformation. Making development more open and accountable and improving service delivery, for instance, by facilitating citizen feedback to governments and service providers.

• Connectivity. Scaling up affordable access to broadband, including for women, disabled citizens, disadvantaged communities, and people living in remote and rural areas.

• Innovation. Developing competitive IT-based service industries and fostering ICT innovation across the economy with a focus on job creation, especially for women and youth.

Information and Technology Solutions

(See also Enabling Services.) Information and Technology Solutions (ITS) enables the World Bank Group to achieve its mission of ending extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity in a sustainable manner by delivering transformative information and technologies to its staff working in more than 130 client countries. ITS services are broad and include establishing the infrastructure to reach and connect staff members and development stakeholders; providing the devices and agile technology and information applications to facilitate the science of delivery through decentralized services; creating and maintaining tools to integrate information across the Bank Group, the clients it serves, and the countries where it operates; and delivering the computing power staff members need to analyze development challenges and identify solutions. The ITS business model combines services tailored to specific WBG business needs and shared services that provide infrastructure, applications, and platforms for the entire Bank Group.

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