Integrity Vice Presidency

(See also Enabling Services.) The Integrity Vice Presidency (INT) is an independent unit within the World Bank Group that has the unique function of investigating and pursuing sanctions related to allegations of fraud and corruption in Bank Group-financed activities. As an integral part of the Bank Group's overall governance and anticorruption strategy, INT performs a preventive function as well, working closely with other World Bank units and external stakeholders to mitigate risks through advice, training, and outreach efforts. Where the Bank Group's own staff members may be implicated in such misconduct, INT also investigates and acts in relation to those allegations.

Intelligent Transport Systems

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) is an emerging field that leverages information and communication technologies to gather, organize, analyze, use, and share transport data for the efficient and effective operation of transport systems. Information gathered through ITS can be used to inform the development of transport networks, and the ability of ITS to process real-time data makes it useful in managing day-to-day transport operations, matching supply and demand, and responding to emergency situations.

ITS systems have become more popular over the past 10 years, including in many developing countries where ITS has contributed to mitigating challenges such as traffic congestion. There are, however, many more challenges that could benefit from the application of ITS.

Internal Audit

The Internal Audit (IAD) Vice Presidency is an independent and objective assurance and advisory function designed to add value to the World Bank Group (WBG) by improving the operations of the WBG organizations. It assists the Bank Group in accomplishing its objectives by bringing a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluating and improving the effectiveness of the organization's risk management, control, and governance processes. IAD's reports provide a high-level overview of its activities' for senior management and the Audit Committee. Its "Quarterly Activity Report" is also publicly disclosed, under the Bank's Access to Information Policy.

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