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Leading for Tomorrow

With tremendous community pressure from a wide spectrum of stakeholders regarding student safety and the return to the normality of the schoolhouse, school leaders understood the need to pivot quickly as conditions changed. For district leaders, it became clear that decisions:

  • • made in response to the conditions of the present COVID-19 environment held long-term implications on the educational system;
  • • would likely be in conflict with other local, state, and national decision-making entities;
  • • changed the traditions of school practices such as grading, schedules, calendars, and rituals found in the schoolhouse;
  • • created new instructional delivery models that could likely become the mainstream;
  • • required shifting resources to meet safety requirements with limited budgets resulting in potential program and personnel reductions.

Leading through the unknown creates one of the most challenging landscapes for school leaders given the tensions between creating new instruction designs or returning to the traditional school model. However, the unknown has the potential of creating the new solutions schools need to fulfill their responsibility in educating all children.


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