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(See also Open Development.) In 2010, the World Bank Group launched its Open Data Initiative, which provides free and open access to data about development in countries around the globe. More than 160 data sets are published in the Data Catalog, from general socioeconomic data collections to more specialized data including commodity prices, gender statistics, migration data, debt statistics, education data, and data on the World Bank's finances, projects, and operations, as well as survey-level micro data. The data include more than 8,000 indicators, many that go back 50 years, and are available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, and Spanish, with selected data available in a further 18 languages. The DataBank tool makes it possible for users to interactively search, filter, and visualize these data and save and share the results.

In addition to publishing data, the World Bank Group has sought out new engagement with data users. Since 2010, the institution has run two mobile application competitions: Apps for Development and Apps for Climate that challenged the developer community to create tools, applications, and analyses using World Bank data that aim to improve user's understanding of development issues. The Bank also regularly hosts developer events such as data dives that bring together software experts and development professionals to tackle real world problems. The Bank has also developed its own suite of mobile apps for iOS and Android that make it easier than ever to find and visualizer data on subjects including poverty, education, health, jobs, climate change, and development in general.

Since launching the Open Data Initiative, the World Bank has been recognized as a leading donor in the area of aid transparency and has seen a more than 10-fold increase in the number of online visits from users including government staff and policy makers, researchers, journalists, software developers and civil society organizations who can now use these data to inform their work. The Data Helpdesk offers support to hundreds of these data users every month and hosts a growing knowledge base of frequently asked questions.

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