Policies and Procedures

The World Bank Group has established policies and procedures to help ensure that its operations are economically, financially, socially, and environmentally sound. Each operation must follow these policies and procedures to ensure quality, integrity, and adherence to the Bank Group's mission, corporate priorities, and strategic goals. These policies and procedures-including rigorous safeguard policies on projects affecting, for example, women, the environment, and indigenous peoples—are codified in the World Bank Operational Manual. They are subject to extensive review while being formulated and to compliance monitoring after being approved.

Operational Manual

The World Bank Operational Manual deals with the Bank's core development objectives and goals and the instruments for pursuing them, in addition to the requirements applicable to Bank-financed lending operations. The manual contains all policies, procedures, and good practices that are meant to ensure that World Bank activities are economically, financially, socially, and environmentally sound.

The manual includes several different kinds of operational statements, including operational policies and Bank procedures. Operational policies are short, focused statements that follow from the Bank's Articles of Agreement and the general conditions and policies approved by the Board of Executive Directors. They establish the parameters for conducting operations, describe the circumstances in which exceptions to policy are admissible, and spell out who authorizes exceptions. Bank procedures explain how staff members carry out the operational policies by describing the procedures and documentation required to ensure consistency and quality across the Bank.


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