Products and Services

(See also Financial Products and Services.) All World Bank Group products and services are designed to support governments in reducing poverty and boosting shared prosperity.

World Bank Products and Services

The following services are designed to share the best knowledge available to achieve development results:

• Technical assistance. The World Bank Group's professional technical advice supports legal, policy, management, governance, and other reforms needed for a country's development goals. Its wide-ranging knowledge and skills are used to help countries build accountable, efficient public sector institutions to sustain development in ways that will benefit their citizens over the long term. Bank Group staff members offer advice and support governments in the preparation of documents such as draft legislation, institutional development plans, country-level strategies, and implementation action plans. The Bank Group can also assist governments in shaping or putting new policies and programs in place.

• Reimbursable advisory services. At client request, the Bank Group provides reimbursable advisory services, which can be used when the Bank Group cannot fully fund an activity within the existing budget. This can include traditional knowledge and advisory work as well as convening services. Subject to appropriate safeguards and risk management, the Bank Group may provide technical assistance for project-related preparation and implementation support services—except for advice directly related to engineering or final design.

• Economic and sector work. In collaboration with country clients and development partners, Bank Group country staff members gather and evaluate information (data, policies, and statistics) about the existing economy, government institutions, or social services systems. These data provide a starting point for policy and strategic discussions with borrowers and enhance a country's capacity and knowledge. Studies and analytical reports support clients in planning and implementing effective development programs and projects.

• Donor aid coordination. The World Bank Group acts on occasion as a coordinator for organized regular interaction among donors (governments, aid agencies, humanitarian groups, foundations, development banks). Activities range from simple information sharing and brainstorming, to cofmancing a particular project, to joint strategic programming in a country or region. Activities also include the preparation of donor coordination events, such as consultative group meetings (joint meetings of partners) focused on a particular issue or country.

• Research and analysis. The World Bank Group seeks to increase understanding of development policies and programs by providing intellectual leadership and analytical services to the institution and the development community. It focuses on research and knowledge creation, global monitoring and projections, international statistics, statistical capacity building, and results monitoring.

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