Regional Chief Economists

Regional Chief Economists are the principal economic advisers to the Regional Vice Presidents (with accountability for the quality and relevance of regional economic and strategic work, and analytical and advisory services).

The Regional Chief Economists' duties include but are not limited to:

• Leading and inspiring the World Bank Group's economic research agenda, including through interacting with academic and policy communities inside the institution, in client countries, and internationally; liaising with the economic units of other international and bilateral agencies; and acting as the Bank's spokesperson for economic analysis

• Ensuring that the analytic and advisory activities portfolio of their region is strategic and reflects the latest and cutting-edge economic research findings from inside and outside the Bank, Group working with sector and country departments

• Leading a program of regional studies and regularly updating the regional management team and the Bank Group's governors on economic developments in the region

• Participating in and contributing to the discussions in the monthly Chief Economist Council meetings

Regional Vice Presidencies

The World Bank has six Regional Vice Presidencies: Africa, East Asia and Pacific, Europe and Central Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East and North Africa, and South Asia.

Reimbursable Advisory Services

In response to specific requests, the World Bank provides a variety of reimbursable advisory services (RAS) to clients beyond the analytic and advisory services that it can fund through its administrative budget or relevant trust funds. Typically, RAS engagements are provided in addition to other Word Bank Group activities; however, for nonborrowing member clients, RAS may be the single instrument through which the Bank Group provides services.

As a global cooperative, the World Bank brings international expertise and technical depth to bear through RAS engagements. As a long-term development partner, the World Bank Group goes beyond the standard contractual agreements offered by the private sector.

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