Israeli development aid to sub-Saharan Africa: Soft Power and Foreign Policy

AbbreviationsTheoretical basis and key definitionsTheoretical paradigmThe concept of soft powerDevelopment aid as a soft power resourceUnderstanding of development aidThe concept of development diplomacyDevelopment aid and foreign policyNotesForeign policy of the State of IsraelSubchapter 1: Evolving israeli identity and security considerationsIdentity factors and their influence on Israeli foreign and security policyHistorical outline of Israeli foreign policySubchapter 2: Sub-Saharan African countries in israeli foreign policyIsraeli motives for relations with sub-Saharan AfricaThe golden age: relations until 1973Period of severance—1973 till the early 1990sRebirth of relations since the 1990sNotesSoft power of the state of Israel as a resource for development aid and public diplomacySubchapter 1: Development needs of Sub-Saharan Africa countriesSubchapter 2: Israeli soft power resources: Qualitative and swot analysesIsraeli development aidSubchapter 1: Israel As A DonorSubchapter 2: Israeli development aid to Sub-Saharan African countriesIsraeli public diplomacySubchapter 1: OverviewSubchapter 2: Israel’s development diplomacyGeopolitical considerations affecting Israeli relations with sub-Saharan African countriesInternational behaviours of sub-Saharan beneficiariesSubchapter 1: Bilateral relationsSubchapter 2: Multilateral forumsSubchapter 3: People-to-people relations and public opinionDevelopment aid to sub-Saharan African countries as an element of Israeli softpowerBibliography
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