Key recommendations

It is asserted that this book is useful to a wide audience that engages with altemative/transformative pedagogies and is therefore recommended to a broader global community.

The book is recommended to the South African higher education and professional sectors that engage with RPL at the policy and implementation levels. These sectors require a critical review of the status of higher education and training in South Africa to give effect to alternative pedagogies. It is recommended that this book be used to guide the alignment of national policy to specific policies and implementation strategies in the different sectors.

An important further possibility of the RPL evaluation model is that it can inform the rational development of a just and fair IDOW framework for the definition of scopes of professional practice, based on complexity of thinking and skills rather than building typologies.

It is to be noted that the RPL evaluation model was designed to be adaptable, and it is therefore recommended for implementation across different disciplines and professions. The model is easily adaptable to software applications, which eases its broader implementation.

The book is meant to provoke and challenge attitudes on professional education and training. The study forms a basis for critical reflection of entrenched perceptions and attitudes. It is therefore recommended that a broader community of researchers and practitioners realise the value that RPL could add to responsive modes of pedagogy and practice for the real transformation of society in the 21st century.


Annexure: Transcripts of interviews with key informants

List of informants

Relevant experience

Dr Shirley Lloyd

Dr Heidi Bolton Mr Malcolm Campbell

DHET: Director of the NQF - recently retired

RPL Researcher

Director hi Professional Practice + Past SACAP President + Past Head of Department of Architecture Peninsula Technikon (PENTEC, now known as CPUT), Cunent SACAP Education and IDOW Committee Member

Prof. Linda Cooper Dr Mignonne Breier Dr Finzi Saidi

RPL Author, Researcher and Academic

RPL Author, Researcher Development, Research

Academic: University of Johannesburg, Past 'Vice Dean of the Faculty of Ait, Design & Architecture; Researcher on Transfonnation of the Architectural Curriculum;

SACAP Education Committee Member

Prof. Andre van Graan

Academic: Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) + University of Cape Town (UCT), Past Head of Department CPUT, South African Institute of Architecture (SAIA)

Ms Jolanda Morkel

Dr Debbie Whelan

Academic: CPUT + Online Learning Researcher

Academic: Lincoln University (UK), Past Head of

Department. Durban University of Technology (DUT)

Mr Videsh Boodoo

Architectural Technologist, South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP) RPL Beta Tester. Vice President of the South African Institute of Building Design (SAIBD)

Mr Mohammed


Architectural Draughstperson in Private Practice -SACAP Council Member + President of the South African Institute of Draughting (SAID)

Mr Rowen Ruiters

Professional Architectural Technologist; Former Third-and Fourth-Term SACAP Council Member

Mr Shervin Kuppan

Senior Architectural Technologist hi Private Practice. Member of DUT Architecture Advisory Board.

Mr Jonathan Maiming

Architect in Private Practice, Employer. Member of SACAP Education Committee + Former RPL Subcommittee, Member of SACAP Validation Board

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