And Then There Is Everyone Else

Along with non-retail brands getting into the retail business online are thousands and thousands of people with good ideas. You don’t even need to have your own site to sell merchandise. You can go on eBay or etsy, or simply set up a Facebook page, and the world can find you. This means that major retailers are selling a click away from Susie Smith who is selling hand-made sweaters from her living room, a small distinctive product, that thanks to Google search is selling more than she ever dreamed possible to people all over the globe.

Brand Awareness Provides Trust is no different than any other online general merchandiser with a no-frills approach. Even though the website is very basic in its presentation people trust buying their Cuisinart Food Processor at ShopNBC because it is the combination of two known brands.

For instance, would you buy a Cuisinart from a site called or Macy’s? You know the Macy’s brand is trustworthy. Macy’s has to stand behind the brand promise. If you charge a purchase like a Cuisinart on the Macy’s website, you know you are going to get an authentic product and it is going to arrive in a timely fashion and you can return it if you change your mind. If you don’t know anything about, and your friends have never heard of it, you don’t trust that site as much as you trust

Brand recognition and familiarity also give the consumer a sense of security and trust; the product can be purchased with a credit card and the product is going to arrive and be returnable if it’s not right. Seeing the brand name over and over again makes the brand familiar and builds the trust that name recognition affords.

Search: Keyword Marketing

SEARCH is the magic weapon for an online presence. Search marketing is all about knowing the proper keywords to identify with your site: key words are how you define your brand, your products or services in the marketplace. A consumer types a phrase or question into Google related to what she is looking for. If any of the phrases she inputs matches the keywords in your brand/business description, your site listing will come up in the search. You can buy keywords, meaning allocate ad dollars to keywords to get your brand higher up in the search results. Common words are more expensive than specific phrases. Active social channels also move your brand up on the search list. Google loves active brands. This puts more importance on daily social media comments.

Search is more like a science and it is invaluable because it allows anyone to find you no matter how remote your location is. The more specific a keyword, the more targeted the search. Even as a small local merchant you have to create trust, especially online. You can create online advertising that can appear just in your market area, or you can pinpoint certain zip codes and saturate those areas with brand awareness through promotions, advertising, signage and philanthropy. These are all tools for creating awareness and trust.

Search is essential to being in business on the Internet.

Search marketing is critical because it allows the smallest local merchant to have a presence all over the world via Google. It’s all about letting people find the site online. Search marketing is an essential first step in an awareness campaign for any brand big or small. Search keywords are the most essential if you want to be found on the web.

Search is about using the right keywords in designing and registering the site. Keywords are the words that you use to describe your online business. Use all of the keywords that relate to your products. You can use phrases too that are more directional for the consumer. Multiple keywords together are called long tailed keywords. For instance, instead of just watches you can use luxury watches or better yet Rolex watches. Keywords are the map to your website. The book The Long Tail (Anderson 2006) spends a lot of time talking about how search advertising has leveled the commerce playing field because keywords and search advertising allow anyone no matter how small or how remote, to be seen and accessed. The Long Tail describes this phenomenon as Selling Less of More. Through the web Google keywords effectively guide anyone searching for your product or service right to your front door no matter where you are.

Using Google ADwords with your defined keywords is tedious and precise. But if you get in the rhythm of addressing every promotion with the content mapping and defining the keywords, this procedure guarantees profits and increased engagement. You are planning and strategizing into the social media system.

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