Surround Sound Media for Online Branding

Cloud Living and the Impact of Data

As most of us are aware, Google has spent billions of dollars to build huge data centers, or ‘server farms’ around the world, enabling it to store enormous quantities of personal data. As the world of online advertising spreads like wildfire, information is now more than ever the foundation of communication. The information and messaging we receive daily has been getting more and more refined, driven completely by the data.

All of the information is accessible by clicking on a link and the content is downloaded to us. The storage of data through the server farms frees up the storage space in our computers. In our world of cloud living there is so much information available to us, it is necessary today to select what information we want coming to us. We sign up for emails we are interested in and based on those emails we are also sent email ads from related companies that specifically appeal to us because of the habits we exhibit during our daily routine. Wherever we go on the web we leave crumbs called cookies that can follow our visits. A company can track our visits and feed us advertising relating to the goods and services we visit. This is called retargeting. If you search for Sony electronics you will then get a message from Panasonic following the logic that you are looking for electronics products.

Because our research capabilities are getting more refined in learning about our consumer, the methods of communication delivery are also getting more refined and targeted. That means we will be paying more attention to the ads we get because they are more in tune with our personal needs.

Research Directs the Media Efforts

With so many choices in the marketplace, the job of marketers is to determine which media channels reach the customer best during her daily routines. Today’s research analytics can slice and dice demographic information to give us an overwhelming amount of data related to the group we are spending our marketing dollars on. Customer segments can be refined into more granular groups either by race, gender, age, geographic locations and lifestyle habits so that we can market to different “buckets” of customer groups.

How do you make the customer want your brand as part of his/her identity? The art of advertising is getting the message through to your consumer. The communication has to be where the customer is, and the information has to be worthy of the customer’s attention.

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