Live Events + Email

When planning a live event, share it with the public by streaming it in real time on the website. Streaming live events gives the brand the ability to include your existing email list, while adding a new market group to your customer base. It also makes the brand more inclusive to those who only have access to the website.

When starting an Ecommerce website on a limited budget, these are the most efficient set of tools you can use for creating brand awareness. You don’t need the budget of General Motors, or even Macy’s.

A Note about Landing Pages

The landing page is where you are “taken” when you click on a link. It’s the page one lands on when accessing a website from any link. You don’t want people fumbling through the website looking for the special offer or the sign-up area for leaving an email address. They will leave the site in frustration before they find what they are looking for. This is why the landing page from an online ad is so important. Wherever you leave a link to the website it must lead to the page discussing the promotion.

Daily Communication

This is how we begin creating integrated campaigns. There are so many ways to communicate today. The best news is that all of the newer tools don’t have to be expensive. Video advertising does not have to cost $200,000 a shoot. It is almost expected, or even more authentic if the video is more “real” and “engaging” looking. This is a very important element to keep in mind.

The consumer trusts an online message that isn’t overly slick as more personal. The message just has to resonate with your targeted audience. Think in terms of fresh content daily. This is the rhythm of today’s consumer which is very different from traditional advertising. Right now, the absolute preciseness of all brand related communication is still how traditional agencies communicate. Online communication has to grab attention through immediacy and constancy. This allows for a “rougher” message than the standards now accepted by this community.

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