Fashion and Music Partnerships

Fashion is like music; it’s glamorous and celebrity driven which is why the web is so valuable. If you work for a fashion brand, or retail fashion brands, you have to take advantage of this. If you work for a non-fashion product it might be worth thinking about how to tie fashion/lifestyle into your communication.

Influencers and Bloggers: New Partnerships for Lifestyle Cool

for Lifestyle Coo/

One of the most powerful forces in the current retail industry has been the role of Influencers. Influencers have a dramatic effect on how people spend their money. Influencers have thousands and sometimes millions of people looking to them for advice in every area imaginable. Influencers, or these style setters for the public, are ruling the fashion industry. A whole business has cropped up around Influencers who now have agents and handsome fees for attracting the attention of huge audiences of followers hanging on every post.

Partnering with Influencers is a very effective way to get exposure for a product. There are all kinds of Influencers and just like everything else the brand touches, the Influencers have to represent the personification of the brand, the brand style. The choice of Influencers is vast, addressing every lifestyle need. A good partnership can create substantial recognition for your brand and expand a brand’s sense of cool.

There are also various ways to align with these Influencers and micro-influencers: through agents, specific fees, free products, discounted products, a percentage of everything sold or a combination of the above. These individuals have such a massive following they are starting to develop their own products with major brands like Levi’s and Nordstrom.

Bloggers can be speaking from inside the brand, or they can be outside Influencers who align well with the brand. Today bloggers are also powerful branding tools. Five years ago, fashion bloggers weren’t a spec on the screen. Bloggers are now fashion stylists to the general public: more personalized and less idealized than a magazine’s interpretation of the trends. Everyone can pick a blogger they relate to in style and they have their own fashion guru!

We exist in a world of information overload. We have to filter the information noise down to a manageable level. If a brand serves as a lifestyle Sherpa it will have open access to the consumer.


Apps allow the consumer to connect directly to the brand. Apps also present the opportunity for the brand to create a community among its followers with special services and direct access to all the personal information related to the brand. Apps allow a brand to create a community of brand advocates who can personally interact with the shared lifestyle of the brand followers.

And Now: Back to Surround Sound Media

As we take this very broad look at advertising and what is important about how we spend our communications budget, we start to see how the idea of becoming personal and getting inside our consumer’s head can make us stand out or become cool. It’s using modern technology thoughtfully, being careful to find out as much about our consumer as possible without invading her privacy. This helps make our communication get noticed by the customer.

This chapter has been top line information for understanding how the different media channels integrate to get a brand message through.

I am not a media maven. Media buying is another discipline with specific expertise. These last couple of chapters are designed to give you a peek behind the curtain.

When teaching my course at Parsons, my students are so proficient when developing social media marketing plans, content calendars and daily analyses for each campaign because this is their language. When a young person’s adeptness with the technology is coupled with an understanding of the strategic development, the combination can grow a business substantially. Understanding the technology is only half the equation; the need for the strategic development of the messaging through the social channels is essential for effective and consistent brand building. If you understand the brand building process a young person is your best asset for execution.

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