Personalize the Event

When fashion designers wanted to personalize the message before the age of the Internet, they would travel to major markets and present “trunk shows” of their newest collection in person. Now we have social media so the designer can engage with his/her customers by the thousands or hundreds of thousands with a trunk full of fabulous merchandise creating multiple social media posts to last for days.

Michael Kors is a high-profile fashion designer who has taken full advantage of connecting with his clients via Twitter. In the last couple of years his brand has been mentioned as one of the leading brands in its social media reach and impact. Our culture has made fashion designers celebrities, and Kors is smart enough to spend enough time messaging through social channels to his devotees to keep them all fully engaged.

Merchandise into a Lifestyle Event

I have frequently mentioned lifestyle events featuring experts in different areas. These lifestyle events on the web may not directly relate to your merchandise but more to the lifestyle of your consumer base. You may have a live event that features a celebrity interior designer or a local interior designer. If you are an apparel store, you can feature a promotion around how to “understand your own style” on the website along with a video of his/her visit.

If appropriate, your brand can link to sites with healthy, nutritional food information because this is such an important lifestyle topic today. Any lifestyle brand can identify with personal information like this. These presentations can be offered live and streamed on the web to be part of a brand identity. Live events are designed to have an impact on a local area, but don’t forget to use them as a reason to communicate through the web to a national audience interested in your brand.

Cadillac created a live event in New York specifically targeting the young luxury market consumer. Cadillac produced an upscale cooking demonstration in New York with Gwyneth Paltrow representing her website Goop. Gwyneth brought in a celebrity chef. Along with the cooking and the eating were an array of shiny, new Cadillac’s on display at the event. Although this is an experience with a small very personalized audience, the event and partnership benefitted both brands. It’s Gwyneth’s taste level and celebrity that Cadillac is identifying with in targeting a younger audience. Good taste, good choice. And Gwyneth gets a lot of exposure from Cadillac’s mailing list.

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