The Global Marketplace: Remember No Boundaries

Understanding the importance of communicating very personally on a local level, we cannot overlook the global exposure the Internet affords us. We should be thinking about how to start building the brand globally through the web even if we are Susie Smith selling handmade sweaters.

Luxury brands like Chanel, Armani and Gucci have opened stores throughout Asia, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, and now they are starting to go into India and China. Most of these brands are recognized worldwide and they are capitalizing on that recognition, along with the new wealth of these areas. The global spread of luxury brands is increasing at an astounding rate. Magnificent emporiums of consumerism showcasing the world’s most expensive merchandise are spreading into these developing countries with amazing speed. I was called to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in 1990 to consult on a video wall that was being installed in the first shopping center to be built there. Now Dubai is one of the greatest luxury markets in the world!

Some international brands partner with local retail stores in areas like India and China to learn the cultural roots of the community. This allows the brands to service these areas with more relevancy. To create recognition in a new geographic location, you must infiltrate that region with steady imagery and messaging, online and offline. Many brands believe the number of bricks and mortar stores amassed, the greater the awareness and success of the brand. Now we can do that with some ingenuity and thought just as effectively through the Internet and the aid of tools like “pop-up shops” to personalize the brand on a local level.

To create familiarity with the community a brand can create a presence in a small area and then slowly spread out as it grows its ability to accommodate the market with awareness, product and an expanding distribution base.

Test Markets That Show Interest

It is costly to operate outside of the United States, both in marketing and distribution. But you can test markets through marketing and data results, slowly expanding online access where you find customers for your brand. If you can see from Internet sales that a certain geographic region is generating sales, it becomes prudent to examine the situation and possibly produce local events in that market. The tools are there for any brand or individual to take advantage of Ecommerce effectively for growing globally. If you are in the retail business today, this should be a part of your thinking and long-term growth. As time goes on it will become easier and easier to transact globally. For a small merchant, starting to capitalize on email lists and online social marketing techniques is key to future growth.

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