Liquid Borders: Migration as Resistance

I Migration, (trans)borders, and the freedom of movementProliferating borders in the battlefield of migration Rethinking freedom of movementFugitivos de la Vida imposible Transborders, migrations, and displacementsII Labor, politics, and the question of limitsTransmigrants as embodiment of biocapitalismRefuge and deportation The future as property in the border regimeAt the border of sight States, the civil contract, and Bracero Program photosBarbed wire A history of crueltyIII Gender, art, memory, and the migrantMobile reorientations Trans-agency and the queering of the Italian politics of migrant reception in Henrique Goldman’s PrincesaResilience beyond cruelty Central American migrants pursuing the American dreamBorder art for a border ecologyStates of exile Kracauer’s extraterritoriality, and the poetics of memory in Cristina Peri Rossi’s Estado de exilio (2003)IV Colonial crossings/indigenous displacementsEarly modern religious displacement and transnational Catholic subjectsAndean and Amazonian displacements Culture and the effects of deforestationLanguage of space Politics of indigenous people removal and the ethnopolitics of resistance: The post-colonial diasporaFrom genocide to Hieleras The never-ending Maya genocideV Translocalities in Latin AmericaBordering the crisis Race, migration, and political strategies in anti-populist EcuadorBordering the crisis or how neoliberalism produces differencePolitical strategies during the national strikeFrom the “suffering stranger” to the IDP The emergence of a new problem areaA brief history of a new “suffering and caring community”The refugee and IDPS as new problem areasDispossession by militarization Forced displacements and the neoliberal “Drug War” for energy in Mexico“Drug-related violence” as an object of study: A paradigm in crisisThe “Northeastern Cartel” and its false positives:Forced internal displacement: The unaccounted collateral damageLand dispossession and forced displacement as neoliberal policyMigration and the aging body Elderly war refugees in Brazil between national borders and social boundariesVI Global migration/Mediterranean crossingsCaribbean borderlands and traveling theories Imperial frontier, translocal nations, federation of diasporas, planetary archipelagoLong-distance nationalism: Forging Cuban & Puerto Rican nations from the world cityThe Caribbean as contact zone: Transculturation and creolizationUnpacking Caribbean regionalityCaribbean as imperial frontier, planetary borderland, worldly crossroadsEurope Otherwise Lessons from the CaribbeanFrom coherent Europe to creolized EuropeEuropean borders otherwiseThinking otherwise: Caribbean EuropeVisualizing the Black Mediterranean“On behalf of vulnerable strangers” Interpreting communities-to-come
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