Subtle denials of the Holocaust

Importantly, as noted above, one rarely finds any direct articles or editorials questioning the validity of the Holocaust but there are subtle denials. Largely, the debate gets convoluted with other issues, especially the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In fact, not just the Holocaust but discussions on Jews are also contextualized within the debate on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. One finds portrayal of Jews in the Indian Urdu press to be prejudiced that at times exhibits abuse and instigative language22. Hatred of Jews as a community though has some religious connotations, the continued non-resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Palestinian statelessness, and the perceived excesses of Israeli actions against Palestinians has complicated the matter to the worse.

Though one rarely finds any direct articles or editorials questioning the Holocaust, there are subtle denials. Broadly, one finds three themes around which the subtle denials revolve. First, it is suggested that the Jews used the Holocaust to claim a homeland in Palestine, that is, they used persecution at the hands of Nazis in Europe to claim Palestine as their National Home. Second, it is argued that the number of victims in the Holocaust was utterly exaggerated by influential Jewish individuals and organizations to gain international sympathy. Third, one often

Holocaust denial and minimization in the Indian Urdu press 93 finds reference to the “so called” Holocaust in the Urdu press while discussing issues related and at time even unrelated to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

One finds a number of examples of suggestions that Jews claimed persecution at the hands of Nazi Germany to leverage their claim for a National Home in Palestine. For example, while discussing the freedom flotilla incident (May 2010), an editorial in Roznama Munsif a Hyderabad based daily, argued that,

The worst incident in history of the world was the creation of the Zionist state of Israel in 1948, a slap on the face of Islamic world. The story of the so-called Holocaust against Jews at the hands of Nazis was made an excuse to establish Israel. The cursed nation in turn has made the life of Palestinians a hell and has pushed them out of their homes forcing them to live in refugee camps (emphasis added).23

Similarly, Roznama Sahafat in its editorial on 3 June 2010 on the flotilla raid incident argued that Israel will face global ire for its brutalities against the civilian population in Gaza. One sees antisemitic remarks and use of abusive language against Jews24. References to the Holocaust point out that the global sympathy for the Jews was evoked due to Nazi brutality but this has not prevented Israel from doing the same against Palestinians. For example, in an Urdu Times column on 27 June 2010 the author argued that younger Jews do not care about the Holocaust and are migrating out of Israel because they do not relate to such an incident, suggesting doubts about the Holocaust25. One can clearly see the suggestion that the Holocaust is perhaps either a myth or at least much exaggerated in its magnitude to gain global sympathy for the creation of the State of Israel.

One can find similar examples in other newspapers too. For example, Rash-triya Sahara on 20 October 2012, while discussing the Iran nuclear issue and Israeli opposition to any deal argued that Israel is trying to evoke controversy and wishes to play the victim like it has always used the issue of the Holocaust to gain the sympathys of the international community. It said:

Israel has made it an issue [Iranian nuclear program] of existential threat and the Jewish lobby has started to put pressure on American Senate to act against Iran because protection of Israel is a constitutional duty of the US. Obama is well aware of the situation but cannot go against the Senate. Even then he has refused to declare a "red line” against Iranian nuclear program. However, Obama under pressure had to issue pro-Israel statements. The point is that Israel wants to use the Iranian nuclear program to gain international support, just the way it has always used the Holocaust. The problem is it is not working in Israeli favor because most of the countries do not see Iranian nuclear program as a threat.26

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