Translational Bioinformatics Applications in Healthcare

I: translational Healthcare, Next-Generation Sequence analysis, and Drug repurposingTranslational Healthcare System through BioinformaticsIntroductionData and BiomedicineGenomics and BioinformaticsPharmacogenomicsMechanism of PGPharmacokineticsPharmacodynamicsPG in Drug DiscoveryDrug Discovery and Development through Omics TechnologiesOmics TechnologyAvailability of Omics Technology in Drug Discovery and DevelopmentRole of Genomics in Drug Discovery and DevelopmentRole of Transcriptomics in Drug Discovery and DevelopmentRole of Proteomics in Drug Discovery and DevelopmentArtificial Intelligence and Machine Learning of DrugsReal time Biomedical and Healthcare DataBiomedical and Healthcare ChallengesOpportunities to Improve Biomedical and Healthcare SectorsData models for Healthcare and Well Care AnalyticsConclusion and Future ProspectsAcknowledgmentsReferencesNext-Generation Sequence Analysis for Clinical ApplicationsIntroductionFirst-Generation SequencingSecond-Generation SequencingNext-Generation SequencingClinical ApplicationsCancerEpigenetic DiseasesMendelian DiseasesInfectious DiseasesThe Scope of NGS Technology in Clinical EnvironmentProceedings of NGS Methods in Clinical ApplicationValidation of the Results ObtainedLimitations and Future ProspectsConclusionReferencesClinical Applications of Next-Generation Sequence Analysis in Acute Myelogenous LeukemiaIntroductionBackground and History of SequencingAcute Myelogenous LeukemiaAML and Its MorphologyClassification Systems for AMLCytogeneticsMolecular Abnormalities in AMLPrognosis/Risk StratificationTherapeutics for AML PatientsStrategies of ConsolidationNovel Targets for AMLFLT3 InhibitorsIsocitrate Dehydrogenase InhibitorsNuclear Exporter InhibitorsImmunological TherapiesNext-Generation Sequencing TechnologiesTerminology and Its Recent DevelopmentsHow NGS Is Going from Research to Clinical Settings: An OverviewClinical Applications of NGS Technologies in Cancer ResearchTranscriptome SequencingWhole-Exome SequencingTargeted Next-Generation SequencingOther Applications of NGSNGS Analysis Guidelines for the Diagnosis of AMLHow AML Genes Implicate Mutations? A Prognostic and Therapeutic OverviewUnderstanding Cytogenetic and Molecular Genetic Mutations in AMLHow Are Novel Somatic Mutations in AML Identified and Characterized?How Are Cancer-Susceptible Genes in AML Identified?How Are Cryptic Translocations in Complex Genomes Characterized in AML?Challenges in the Diagnosis of AML using NGSBiological-Clinical ChallengesTechnical ChallengesOther ChallengesFuture of NGS in Cancer GenomesConclusionReferencesTranslational Bioinformatics Methods for Drug RepurposingIntroductionDrug RepurposingDrug Repurposing ProfilesDatabases/Repositories for Drug RepurposingUsage of Above Repositories in Drug RepurposingComputational Approaches for Drug RepurposingLiterature Mining ApproachNetwork-Based ApproachWeb-Based Tools for Drug RepurposingACIDrepoDBRE:FineDrugsReDO_DBRepurposeDBDeepDRDrug Vs Disease/DvDSummaryReferencesII: Internet of things, Viroinformatics, and toxin Databases for Healthcare applicationsThe Fundamentals and Potential of IoT for Bioinformatics and HealthcareIntroductionTranslational MedicineBiotechnology for Translational Research with a Focus on Human healthcareTranslational Medicine’s Focus on Interdisciplinary GapIoT in Bioinformatics and BiotechnologyIoT in HealthcareIoT in Healthcare ApplicationsDiscussion and Recent TrendsRecent TrendsConclusionReferencesViroinformatics and Viral Diseases: A New Era of Interdisciplinary Science for a Thorough Apprehension of VirologyIntroductionVirology: An OverviewBrief HistoryStructure, Function, and Classification of VirusesFrequent Outbreaks of Viral DiseasesWhat Is Viroinformatics?Viroinformatics-Based Databases and ToolsViroinformatical DatabasesViroinformatical ToolsViroinformatics: Need of the HourFuture Perspectives of ViroinformaticsConclusionReferencesToxin Databases and Healthcare ApplicationsIntroductionPlant ToxinBacterial ToxinAnimal ToxinToxins in HealthcareDrug DiscoveryCosmeticsToxins DatabasesToxic Exposome Database T3DBDatabase KaliumAnimal Toxin Databases (ATDB)Toxin Plants Phytotoxin Database (TPTT)ArachnoServer Spider Toxin DatabaseToxin Antitoxin Database (TADB)RISCTOX DatabaseDBETH Bacterial Exotoxins for HumansSuper Toxic DatabaseTAS Mania Bacterial Toxin-Antitoxin (TA Database)ConclusionAcknowledgmentsReferencesIII: Medical Image Processing and Other Healthcare applicationsLossless Medical Image Compression Using Hybrid Block-Based Algorithm for Telemedicine ApplicationTechnical BackgroundOverview of Wavelet TransformOverview of Hadamard TransformMaterials and MethodsDC Prediction for LL Sub-Band CodingTransformation for Non-LL Sub-Band CodingIWT-LHT-Huffman EncodingIWT-LHT-Arithmetic EncodingAlgorithmResults and DiscussionConclusionReferencesImproved FCM Based on Gaussian Kernel and Crow Search Optimization for ROI Extraction on Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) CT ImagesImproved ARKFCM Based on Crow Search OptimizationCrow Search OptimizationImproved Adaptive Regularized Kernel FCM with Crow Search AlgorithmResults and DiscussionConclusionReferencesEstimating the Effect of Social Distancing in the Progression Dynamics of COVID-19IntroductionMaterial and MethodsMathematical ModelBasic Reproduction NumberSensitivity Analysis of R[sub(0)]Results and DiscussionConclusionAcknowledgmentReferences
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