Training programmes

National Centre for Public Administration and Local Government (EKDDA)

The National Centre for Public Administration and Local Government (EKDDA) established (Presidential Degree 57/2007, article 1) with missions:

  • a) The professional training, education and training of all types of staff of the Central and Regional Administration, the Local Government, the Public Legal Authorities, Public Entities and Organizations (DEKO), the Public Limited Companies, Public Entities of private law whose administration is directly or indirectly designated by the State in an administrative act or as a shareholder, and of the Entities of the Local Government, as well as of the Public Officials. Henceforth, where the provisions of this decree refer to a wider public sector, the bodies described in this paragraph are defined.
  • b) The training of the elected officials of the Local Government.
  • c) The creation of executives for Public Administration and Local Government.
  • d) The provision of research findings and studies to the Minister of the Interior, Public Administration and Decentralization for the formulation of a strategy, for the development of the human resources of the public administration and the introduction of organizational changes.
  • e) The contribution in the ongoing modernization of the organization and operation of the public administration through the investigation of the procedures and the structure of the bodies of the wider public sector, the elaboration of studies and reform programs and the consolidation support of their implementation.
  • f) The suppoi-t of the procedures for the implementation of reform programs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of its reorganization activities. Quality among the public sendees conducted by the Ministry of Interior, Public Administration and Decentralization and the quality competition between public entities.
  • g) The introduction of the personal educational card of the employees for the monitoring of their training history at individual level.

The criteria of selection of heads of organic units with objective and meritocratic criteria (Law 3839/2010, article 85) include the certified training provided by the National Centre for Public Administration and Local Government (EKDDA) and other public centres, as well as that provided by Higher Educational Institutions, or by the European Institute of Public Administration, the Social Multicenter or by the InterBalkan Institute of Public Administration and is proven with a certificate up to 50 points (per training day one (1) point with a maximum of 50 points).

A modern certification system (Decision n. DIEK/TM.B./F2/58/oik. 19975/ 2010, article 1) for training was adopted regarding employees in civil services, Legal Entities, and Local Govermnent Organisations. The purpose of the system is the development of the human resources of the Public Administration through the assurance of the quality and efficiency of the provided training with the aim of improving the quality and effectiveness of public administration and supporting strucmral and institutional change. As certified educational structures (article 3), these are the ones that have been already mentioned by article 1 of law 3839/2010.

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