The Customer Copernicus: How to be Customer-Led

Why customer-led beliefs matterTesco: Propelled and derailed by its beliefsFrom trader to retailer to leaderA confident leader comes crashing back to earthSustaining an outside-in orbit over timeConclusion and recapWhat being customer-led looks likeWalkers: The characteristics of a customer-led organisationUsing all the elements for successSix activities fuelled by the outside-in leadership approachCustomer-led leadershipConclusion and recapWhat being customer-led feels likeSky: Believe in betterShared beliefs: The way we do things around hereSpecific belief systems: Inside-out and outside-inFrom a wing and a prayer to Sky’s the limitThe lesson: Believe in betterThe contrast of an inside-out belief systemThe unnatural outside-in success of ZalandoTell-tale signs of outside-in versus inside-out belief systemsConclusion and recapCreating customer-led beliefseasyJet: The airline that moved from inside-out to outside-inMoving from inside-out to outside-in in four stagesThe remarkable turnaround of easyJetExploring burningness at DBSExploring Moments of Belief at AOExploring systematic ways of working outside-in at DeliverooConclusion and recapLosing customer-led beliefsO2: From outside-in to inside-outThe inevitability of falling from outside-in to inside-outFrom remarkable customer leadership to conventional utility at O2The challenge of internal forces at Virgin AtlanticThe challenge of external forces at Market BasketThe challenge of a competing rule changer at NokiaConclusion and recapProtecting customer-led beliefsHandelsbanken: Sustaining outside-in beliefsHow to sustain an outside-in belief system: Three critical elementsKnowing a belief system really matters at John Lewis Partnership and W.L. GoreA continual flow of Moments of Belief at HiltiBeing boldest when challenged most: LEGOConclusion and recap
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