Indicators of a good urban planning system

4.1 Introduction

Sustainable urban development and management are vital to sustainable development. This is because they promote productive, resilient, and inclusive urban areas as well as attractive, high-quality, and sustainable places where people work and live, which are essential to sustainable development. A good urban planning system is central to the achievement of the above-mentioned ideals. This chapter discusses indicators of a good urban planning systems. Although the discussion may not be exhaustive as there is no “one size fit all” set of indicators for every part of the world, it gives a useful guide for putting in place an effective and efficient planning system.

Definition of goals

Every good planning system should clearly define its goals in terms of the aim the planning system intends to achieve. For individual countries or economies, this will, in turn, give national direction on issues such as the role of rural areas or country sides and urban areas, as well as the different regions or the geographical partitions of a country. This is very useful in the formulation of national planning policies, for example, regarding such geographical areas of a country. UN-Habitat (2009) notes that the definition of an urban planning system’s goal is a pre-requisite for its success and that such exercise, for instance, can help formulate a national perspective on the role of urban areas and challenges of urbanisation and subsequently national urban policy to leverage urbanisation for sustainable development. Furthermore, Splinter and Leynseele (2019) demonstrate how satellite cities’ developments, which are driven by the belief that economic growth is spurred by an emerging middle class and investors in Kenya, are connected with the visionary policy objects that help to inform national economic policies and spatial planning strategies such as Vision 2030 under the country’s planning system, thereby showing that planning systems should be able to clearly state its goals.

34 Indicators of a good urban planning system

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