Personal and Professional Growth

MTS provided a chance for each member to understand their own place in museums, whether it was as a professional or as an enthusiast. The work of MTS revealed the process of a collaboration with a museum, across numerous departments. We learned about interpersonal skills and presenting passionate ideas to the tables of discussion. We understood there were levels of professionalism and expectations from an industry that was previously defined by adults. Iveethe’s growth may have been frustrating at times, but really taught her some important skills. As she noted, “it made me learn about the process of art and museum education, making sure to gauge everyone’s opinions in the room, to plan a good strategy, and to bring charisma and confidence about your plans so that everyone can use their own interpersonal skills to make an actual event.”

In reflecting on her experiences, Sofya said, “I also think about how important it is during those years to be a catalyst for the future in terms of further education and careers, though I understand we should look beyond the kind of capitalistic/exchange aspect of what education is. I lacked an understanding of how the arts could fit into my life, and if I really was an artist at all. 1 went to public school all the way up until my senior year of high school, and the kind of exposure I had to the Arts was very limited. 1 not only got exposure, but immersion. This, coupled with the fact that the adults and facilitators around me took me as a serious producer/holder of knowledge was the key to where I’ve ended up many years later.” Iveethe explains, “it was powerful to meet museum staff in the education department. As a teen oriented towards studying the humanities, I saw museum educators as my personal heroes. Their modeling of educational inquiry in art and historical museum collections was my dream job. Thus, 1 believe this was a strong motivating factor for a lot of us to stay involved, since we had intellectual and career investment with our work.” Experiences such as ours were shared by other members of the group and point to a key area of success as we grew into professional roles.

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