Ambidexterity as a Concept for a Modern Company’s Development

A company can survive in the long term and deliver on its key goals only if it develops permanently, which in the most general sense means a process of change taking place over time (Rainey, 2010), contributing to an improved competitive position and the success of the company (Yaeger & Sorensen, 2009). The concept of a company’s development is expressed by its strategy, which sets out the general ideas and directions (Ronda-Pupo, G. A. & Guerras-Martin, L. A, 2012). It should be noted that the contemporary conditions in which business is conducted force companies to look for the most sophisticated sources and ways of building competitiveness. An example of such a sophisticated development concept is the ambidextrous strategy, which, while seeking a balance between exploration and exploitation, reconciles changes of a different nature and in a different timeframe (Blarr, 2012; Lavie, Stettner, & Tushman, 2010).

In the area of strategic management, the research to date on ambidexterity is still fragmented, although it is conducted on a large scale and in various problem areas. Therefore, this chapter aims to integrate it and discuss the concept of ambidexterity as a corporate strategy.

First, I present the essence of a modern corporate strategy, indicating the ambiguity of how it is understood and defined. I place particular attention on the concept based on paradoxes, which became the foundation for the idea of ambidexterity. Second, I explain the concept of ambidexterity, with the levels and ways for organizations to achieve a balance between exploration and exploitation. Against this background, I present an overview of the research on ambidexterity in strategic management, in order to determine the strategic choices specific to this concept in light of strategic management theory. The considerations contained in this chapter help me to define the ambidextrous strategy against other strategies (exploring or exploiting).

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