Digital Transformation for the Process Industries: A Roadmap

Commonly Used Terms and AbbreviationsAdvancing to an Industrial Digital Data InfrastructureThe DisasterJourney to an Enterprise Industrial Digital InfrastructureAssessing the Current StateIdentifying the ProblemThe Current Data InfrastructureUnderstanding the Barriers to SuccessThe Process Engineer’s ViewThe Plant Manager’s ViewThe Planning and Economics Coordinator’s ViewThe Production Manager’s ViewThe Maintenance Manager’s ViewThe IT Department’s RoleThe Cost of DowntimeEnvisioning a StrategyCreating a Breakthrough VisionAssessing Data Infrastructure MaturityLaying a FoundationFirst Step to Action: Convening an Operational TeamEngaging Corporate Leadership and Plant EmployeesWhat You Should Take AwayReferencesAdditional ReadingBuilding the FoundationOverviewThe View from the Refinery Manager’s OfficeIdentifying Workflow Information GapsImproving Scheduling, Operations, and MaintenanceProcess Unit Template for Smart ThinkingOperational Excellence Methods and ToolsWorkflow ManagementPresenting the Digital Data Infrastructure Project to the Entire CompanyOperations Standardization for an Enterprise Competence CenterWhat You Should Take AwayReferencesAdditional ReadingUsing EIDI Data as a Strategic AssetOverviewThe Need for an Enterprise Industrial Data InfrastructureDetermining What Is ImportantWhat Is an Enterprise Industrial Data Infrastructure?A Decision Is MadeA Modern EIDI Implementation ApproachDecision-Making through Plant Data HierarchyEIDI Deployment and Configuring the EIDI TemplatesUsing Templates to Define Assets and Event FramesData Object ModelsData Acquisition, Validation, and ClassificationBlock and Process Flow DiagramsBlock Flow DiagramsProcess Flow DiagramsOrganizing Operational DataProcess Flow Diagram Leads to Digitizing the PlantWhat You Should Take AwayReferencesAdditional ReadingAdvanced Analysis Using Unit Data and Event TemplatesOverviewInnovative Use of EIDI CapabilitiesStep 1: Develop Unit Process Templates Using Plant Block DiagramsStep 2: Analyzing and Visualizing Operational Variance from the Generated EventsClassifying Asset Behavior for Process ImprovementStep 3: Employing Offline Visualization Tools Using Unit Process Template DataAdvanced Visual AnalyticsUsing Microsoft Excel Analytics ToolsStep 4: Using Contextualized Data for Modeling and Predictive AnalysisData-Driven AnalyticsWhat You Should Take AwayReferencesAdditional ReadingThe Humans behind the Data: Visualization and CollaborationOverviewWho Will Be the ProcIndustries EIDI Users?The Impact of ChangeRome Wasn’t Built in a DayPeople-Driven Benefits from the EIDI ImplementationGetting the Visualization RightBest Practices on Process Graphics and Ways to Present and Share InformationMobile Access to InformationAsset-Relative DisplaysProcess Improvement through VisualizationCreating Dynamic Performance Operational DisplaysData Turns into Workflows: Workflows Adopted by People Turn into Meaningful ChangeWhat You Should Take AwayReferenceAdditional ReadingPreventing Abnormal SituationsOverviewReal-Time Data Analytics to Improve Operational SupportBusiness Objectives PyramidThe Left Side of the PyramidThe Right Side of the PyramidEnhancing Equipment AvailabilityReactive MaintenancePreventive MaintenanceCondition-Based MaintenancePredictive MaintenanceCondition-Based Maintenance: The P–F CurveCondition-Based Maintenance Using a Real-Time Data InfrastructureAssigning Context to the Equipment TemplateAssigning Analytics to Detect Abnormal Conditions and Trigger EventsGenerating Notifications from the EventsAssigning the Event Templates for Analysis and Root Cause DeterminationAssigning Equipment Parameter TablesPump Asset ExamplePump Monitoring and AnalysisVisualizing Pump Actionable OutputIntegration with Other SystemsImplications of Improving Asset AvailabilityOperational Performance ManagementEnhancing Process Control Performance MonitoringWhat You Should Take AwayReferencesAdditional ReadingEnergy Management and Operational ImprovementsOverviewRevisiting Energy ConsumptionInternational Energy StandardsDevelop Clear Business ObjectivesThe PlanMetering and InputsData Capture and ReportingData Analysis, Visualization, and ReportingA Takeaway for the Team on Measuring Power ConsumptionSmart Grid and Refinery Resiliency ImprovementsUsing Process Flow Diagrams for Energy ManagementUsing Advanced Analytic Tools to Gain Real-Time InsightsMass Balances and Data ReconciliationWhat You Should Take AwayReferencesAdditional ReadingSuccessful Examples of Enterprise-Wide Digital TransformationOverviewOilCo—Use of EIDI Data in Downstream RefiningOilCo’s EIDI DeploymentAdvanced Analytics and Machine Learning Leads to Significant Return on InvestmentOn-Premise versus Cloud Analytics? No: On-Premise Plus CloudOilCo’s Return on InvestmentLessons LearnedUse of EIDI Data by MidPetCo for Pipeline OperationsOverview and ChallengesMidPetCo 2.0 Initiative Leverages Operational Data for ProfitabilityReal-Time Visibility Enhances Decision-Making and Reduces InefficienciesMidPetCo’s Return on Investment and Future PlansGoldMineCo—Use of EIDI Data in Gold-Mining OperationsProcess Plant Optimization Successes at GoldMineCo’s Mines and PlantsCombining Time-Series Data and Location Data for Mobile Asset MaintenanceBig Data Analytics—Populated by Site InformationOther Initiatives to Extract Value from DataGoldMineCo’s Use of the Digital Plant Template for Metallurgy AnalysisFuture PlansSo, Was It Worth It?MaterialsCo—Use of EIDI Data in Building Materials ManufacturingCreating a Single Version of the Truth on a Global ScaleIntegration with Corporate Business Intelligence SoftwareForging Ahead—MaterialsCo Production Management Version 2.0Lessons Learned from Global DeploymentMoving to the Next Level—Artificial Intelligence and Closed-Loop ControlEIDI Data Use by ChemCo for Specialty Chemical ManufacturingUsing Technology to Combat a Decreasing MarketPutting Data to Good Use for Improved OperationsReducing Emissions and Energy Consumption through Data AnalysisAsset Management and Other Data-Driven ImprovementsLessons Learned and Next StepsReferenceBeyond the Refinery—Connecting the EcosystemOverviewNew Ways of Sharing Data to External Partners for Additional ValuePI Cloud ConnectPI Cloud Connect Customer ExamplesAnglo American Platinum—OutotecBenefits for Anglo American PlatinumBenefits for OutotecCloud-Based Services Provided to a Power Generation CompanyPI Cloud Connect ScalabilityWhat You Should Take AwayReferencesAdditional ReadingOperational and Business Analytics IntegrationOverviewFrom Operational Intelligence to Enterprise IntelligenceTypes of Advanced AnalyticsHolistic Analytics to Meet Business ObjectivesProcIndustries Integrates Operational and Business DataIntegration to Corporate Analytics SystemsUsing a Real-Time Data Infrastructure versus a Data Lake ApproachUsing a Standard Method for Advanced Analytics IntegrationIntegrating Production Event-Based Data to Advanced AnalyticsCreating a Digital Twin for Process Simulation and ModelingIntegrating Time-Series Data with Geospatial SystemsWhat You Should Take AwayReferencesAdditional ReadingProcIndustries Enterprise-Wide RolloutOverviewProcIndustries Continues Their Digital TransformationBuilding the Business CaseFinancially Justifying the Proposed EIDI Enterprise RolloutQuantifiable BenefitsNon-Quantifiable BenefitsManagement’s DecisionDeployment of the Infrastructure and Initial Use CasesWorking Toward a Smooth EIDI Enterprise-Wide RolloutInitial Rollout ActivitiesEIDI Architecture and CybersecurityPhase III: Ongoing Governance and Future Use CasesFuture Use CasesWhat You Should Take AwayReferencesAdditional ReadingThe Future of the Digital EnterpriseOverviewHow the Most Successful Companies Achieve SuccessAlignment of Business Goals with Digital StrategiesViewing Operations and Production Data as a Critical Strategic AssetSuccessful Teaming with Strategic PartnersArchitecting for the UnexpectedEffective Use of AnalyticsSelf-Serve Access to Needed InformationProcIndustries Enterprise-Wide Rollout ResultsCloud StrategyEdge Analytics and the Evolution of the Control SystemThe Leadership MeetingHybrid Cloud StrategyThe Next ChallengeAnd the ProcIndustries’ Story ContinuesWhat You Should Take AwayAdditional Reading
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