Use of EIDI Data by MidPetCo for Pipeline Operations

MidPetCo is one of the largest North American midstream oil and gas services companies, providing natural gas gathering, processing, and transportation sendees, operating in numerous U.S. states since before the Second World War. MidPetCo is also one of the largest producers of natural gas liquids (NGLs). They manage over 50 gas and fractionation plants, over 1,500 compressors, and over 50,000 miles of pipeline. These gas plants process billions of cubic feet of natural gas per day delivered by more than 50,000 miles of pipeline. This operation requires effective monitoring to ensure that natural gas, NGLs, and associated networks meet quality, reliability, safety, and environmental standards.

Overview and Challenges

In 2015, MidPetCo's management realized they had not significantly changed their operations in several decades. After a market downturn in which they were forced to do more with less resources, they began with executive leadership to ideate and gather information about leveraging digital technologies as part of an overall operational excellence focused business transformation. A small team of three people visited many different companies in sectors outside oil and gas to listen and educate themselves about best practices and lessons learned. One of the keys was the appointment of a chief transformation officer (CTO) with extensive and successful executive operations experience. The CTO then formed an organization consisting of both traditional IT, ОТ, and other nontraditional skill sets then felt necessary to lead and support transformative initiatives.

After extensive employee engagement, including ideas for improvement and visions of a transformed company, their reimagined strategy and supporting initiatives were formalized and kicked off. MidPetCo 2.0 focused on the operational excellence dimensions of people/culture, work processes, and technology to develop and implement transformative business results in asset and organizational efficiency, asset reliability, and risk management. Much of MidPetCo 2.0 is accomplished through adoption of digital technology and turning large amounts of tag-based operational data into self-service, contextualized operational intelligence.

As MidPetCo 2.0 began, existing systems were siloed and focused on the operations group, with a lesser emphasis on reporting and analytics. The company realized they required a single, contextualized view of all operations, with real-time visibility and alerting when items needed quick attention. As a result, they kicked off a five-year digitization plan in which they defined very specific and measurable goals of lowering their cost structure and enhancing collaboration in order to operate more efficiently and deliver differentiated customer service and value.

The first key decision was to create an Integrated Collaboration Center (ICC) for collecting and processing data across its operations. The second component was to create the MidPetCo Energy Lab, which sought to enable employees to successfully use the new digital technology and to evaluate and improve MidPetCo's current work processes through employee feedback.

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