Combining Time-Series Data and Location Data for Mobile Asset Maintenance

To further reduce operating costs, GoldMineCo has used the PI System to monitor real-time behavior of fixed plant assets (equipment) and its mobile assets. At one of its mines, GoldMineCo has successfully integrated PI System time-series data with Esri's ArcGIS geospatial software, which provides the capability of viewing intelligent maps with real-time and spatial data layered together. This provides GoldMineCo with the ability to monitor their mobile assets spatially and track their performance in real time, which results in lower maintenance costs, reduced downtime, and real-time situational awareness.

GoldMineCo's largest trucks weigh about half a million pounds, stand 30 feet high, and carry 1.2 million pounds fully loaded. These trucks are also equipped with 200-250 sensors, which send the data values to the PI System to predict when failures might occur, sending real-time alerts before a part fails. A blown tire in a typical large mining truck can cost US$60,000.

Smart data layers in Esri's ArcGIS maps can display truck performance data and enable spatial analytics, such as determining if the trucks are reaching their destination in an acceptable amount of time. GoldMineCo built PI System graphic displays showing performance metrics on a mining haul truck. This display can be accessed from tablets, mobile phones, and other devices.

Big Data Analytics—Populated by Site Information

GoldMineCo uses a standard PI System software utility (described in Chapter 10) that publishes contextualized PI System data to business analytic tools, such as Microsoft Power BI. By having access to the production, operations, and energy data from the sites, corporate personnel and executive leadership are able to view role-based and summarized company dashboards for specific use cases, such as energy usage, production costs, and so on.

By leveraging the PI AF templates used at their operating sites, GoldMineCo can easily extract the same data from different sites to populate their Power BI dashboards. A GoldMineCo team member explained, "Once the data is in PI, we can do whatever we want with it."

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