PI Cloud Connect Scalability

One of the advantages of the PI CC service is its scalability on both the customer and the service provider sides, meaning that a third-party service provider or equipment manufacturer can receive data from many sources, either from multiple Proclndustries facilities or from facilities owned by multiple companies. Figure 9.7 shows a representation of this scalability.

With the proliferation of industrial Internet of things (IIoT) sensors and devices being deployed at rapid rates, there exists a need for this remote


Connected services community environment where a vendor receives real-time data concurrently from multiple customers using the PI Cloud Connect software, or a manufacturer uses different providers.

servicing model. It will be embraced by IIoT equipment manufacturers and domain experts that utilize this equipment for their applications because software companies like OSIsoft have developed a standard message formatting as one method of having these IIoT sensors or devices easily send data to providers.

The top reasons for transformation through connected services for providers are

  • • Enhanced revenue growth through 24/7 remote monitoring and diagnostic services;
  • • Increased efficiency because no travel to the site is required;
  • • Market differentiation as a remote service provider;
  • • Improvements in equipment reliability and performance;
  • • Enabling advanced analytics, for example, machine learning and artificial intelligence tools; and
  • • Highly granular and streaming customer data for improved analysis and to remotely create a digital twin, which represents the customer's physical environment.

What You Should Take Away

Remote servicing using real-time streaming customer data has emerged as an effective strategy for equipment vendors, process technology providers, or other service companies to better serve their customers. Connected services platforms represent one of the key digital transformation strategies that are aiding process industry and energy producers to become more effective and efficient. Via secure and reliable cloud services, IT departments are able to successfully exchange key operating data between customers and suppliers.

The OSIsoft PI Cloud Connect platform, used by the companies in this chapter, facilitates secure and reliable real-time data exchanges between operating companies and service providers without outside access to the operating company's IT environment. With the EIDI (PI System) capability to store and display future data, end users can display real-time variance between vendor predictions and what actually occurs at the plant.

It enables services providers to build their own digital plant templates to solve common problems for their customers around the world. They will likely provide additional services that cannot be presently imagined. This is one of the most powerful platform business models to improve asset optimization, energy conservation, and yield maximization.


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