And the ProcIndustries’ Story Continues

Approximately one month after completing the preceding projects for the petrochemical plants, Bill Roberts and Peter Argus were called into the president's office one more time. When they met, the president again thanked them for integrating the newly acquired petrochemical plants. He told them the margins were starting to improve and having access to the data certainly helped that effort. Then he inquired, "How about another challenge?" Bill asked him if Proclndustries was shopping for more capacity to add to the existing fleet. The president replied: "No, Bill. I think we are out of the acquisition business, at least for now. But I have another idea."

He continued, "One of my responsibilities is always looking for new sources of revenue and profitability to grow our business. Sometimes that entails acquisitions; sometimes it involves plant debottlenecking or other large cost-cutting initiatives. But we're thinking about something new here. You and your teams have done such a wonderful job transforming our company. Now we are a data-driven enterprise and operate much more efficiently. Our profitability certainly reflects that." He added, "Therefore, I'd like you two to consider starting a new Proclndustries business, reporting directly to me. We'll call it the Digital Transformation Group."

Peter inquired, "What exactly would we do? Keep the company current with technology?"

The president answered, "Yes, that would certainly be part of the scope. But as I see it, the main thrust would be to provide thought leadership to other companies that are struggling with digital transformation." He added, "I meet with many other presidents and CIOs in our business. The smaller to mid-size companies need some guidance. So I thought we could help, as a revenue arm of the company."

"We would show them the correct way to identify and deploy technology effectively. We would be able to advise them on several things, such as how to correctly align their workforce to collaborate and improve workflow processes. Since we know the refining and chemical plant business from the ground up, we would be credible from day one."

Bill and Peter exclaimed, "Sounds great! When do we start?"

The president replied, "Great! This will be an enjoyable assignment for both of you. Let's start laying out a plan next week."

As they left the president's office, Peter told Bill, "Well, I guess we are finally digitally transformed."

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