What You Should Take Away

A business transformation, enabled by improved digital technology, vision, hard work, and improved workflows can make a tremendous improvement to a company's financial health, the physical health and safety of its communities, the relationships with its customers and suppliers, its reputation as a thought leader in its industry, and the morale of its employees by being on a winning team.

Throughout the book, we have identified and described how to implement the key use cases that will turn your data into an extremely valuable resource, and as a result, strengthen companies. In Chapter 8, we summarized five companies that have used EIDI technology in the most successful and innovative ways. We hope you take something from these examples.

In this chapter, we shared a holistic blueprint for success by articulating the most important decisions and the best actions that the most successful companies have taken to achieve operating excellence and hasten their transformational journey.

We also presented topics that many companies currently face, particularly companies that have succeeded with enterprise-wide EIDI deployments. Having triumphed in reducing costs, improving their processes, and keeping their equipment in peak operating condition, they must now make wise decisions in cloud planning and deployment, using IoT devices to augment their existing information, pursuing autonomous operation of plants and equipment, and moving information beyond their firewalls and protected domains into an emerging community-based IT environment.

Finally, you have taken the journey with the Proclndustries digital transformation team and have seen them transition from a reactive business environment to a data-driven company that continually tightened up inefficiencies and put their company in a position where they could acquire more assets to strengthen their business even more.

Thank you for reading and best of luck in your own journey to digital transformation!

Additional Reading

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