Environmental Sustainability and Development in Organizations: Challenges and New Strategies

Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis of Ecopreneurship as an Instrument for Sustainable Development Grand Narratives and Local StoriesFeminist Critical Discourse AnalysisGrand Narrative of Ecopreneurs: The Dominant DiscourseDiscussionConclusionsAcknowledgementsReferencesEnvironmental and Natural Resources Research The Case of a Research Institute in ColombiaEvolution and Trends of Research in Amazon-Related Issues and Relationships with Research InstitutesConclusionsReferencesWhat Can the Stock-Flow-Service Nexus Offer to Corporate Environmental Sustainability?Land Tenure, Ethnicity, and Desertification in DarfurPresenting the Challenges and Offering New Strategies to Private and Public Organizations for Environmental SustainabilitySustainability from the Business Model to the CommunitiesSustainability and Organizational CultureCultural Transformation in Alignment with Corporate Sustainability ManagementConclusionsReferencesStrategies to Improve Environmental PerformanceIndustrial Ecology Framework Implementation in the Mining and Minerals IndustryThe Tools for Implementing Industrial Ecology as Tactical and Operative ActionsIndicator of Environmental Business PerformanceConclusionsRecommendationsAcknowledgmentsReferencesPartnership for Sustainable Development Experiences From Manizales, Colombia, to Improve Environmental Education InitiativesSuccessful National Financial and Industrial Strategies for the Adoption of New Renewable Energies and the Creation of Exporting CompaniesThe Dominant Fossil Energy Matrix and the Incursion of RenewablesThe “Green Policy” in GermanyChina: The Largest Absolute Pollutant and the (Recently)Largest Investor in NREEnergy Consumption in India, the 2nd Most Populous Country on the GlobeNew Renewable Energy Developments in MexicoCosta Rica: 100% Green Electricity GenerationColombia: New Generation with NREGreen Industrial Policies for Technology Generation, Exports and Jobs with NREReferencesThe Sea and the Hegemonic Condition of Economic Power Challenges for ColombiaThe Ocean as the Main Means of Communication and Economic Development of the First CivilizationsOther War Conflicts Over Control and Domination of the Sea (Russian-Japanese War)The Sea as the Leverage of the USA Economy (E.G.)The Sea as a Leverage of China’s EconomyColombia, Its Seas and Its Privileged Geostrategic LocationEconomic Analysis of the Volume of Movement of TEUs in Colombia With Respect to the Countries Involved in the Study (2017-2018)ConclusionsReferences