Rethinking African regionalism, security, and development

Deriving from the layout of this book, the contributors of its chapters fall into any of these three categories — Afro-optimists, Afro-pessimists, and Afro-realists. In other words, the currently three main perspectives of African regionalism include Afro-optimism, Afro-pessimism, and Afro-realism. These perspectives are imperative in understanding the organising concepts of this book in terms of African and comparative regionalism, sub-regionally, intra-regionally, regionally, and extra-regionally. In addition, these three main categories are very essential in comprehending the central thesis of this volume with respect to the nexuses between regionalism, security, and development in Africa.

The dominant method adopted in the various chapters of this book include desktop studies involving historical, documentary, descriptive, and qualitative research. The emphasis was on the use of secondary data from official documents to achieve the objectives of various chapters of this volume. This book is essentially historical, analytical, descriptive, and qualitative. The contributors suggest or recommend several feasible theoretical alternatives and practical policy options irrespective of their methodological bias, theoretical orientations, and perspectival leanings. Therefore, this book will most likely trigger scholarly debate on regional integration in Africa, and perhaps beyond. This volume is timely and topical especially with the recent ratification of AfCFTA (Aniche, 2020d).


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