Crime and Punishment in the Future Internet: Digital Frontier Technologies and Criminology in the Tw

PrefaceList of AbbreviationsA journey into the UnknownDigital frontier technologies, society, and crime: A missing linkForesight approach, scanning and scenario writingAbout the bookOutline of the bookConclusionNotesReferencesBig data, security, surveillance, and theorising the future internetThe themes underpinning, enabling, and ensuing digital frontier technologiesBig data: The new oil?Security and risk: Inventing the futureSurveillance and privacyTheorising crime and punishment in the future InternetActor-Network Theory and technology as companion speciesUbiquitous surveillanceActuarial automated justice: Predictive policing, pre-crime and automated administration of the lawUsing more theories is always a good thing, right?ConclusionNotesReferencesArtificial intelligence and machine learning: The backbone of the human-thing allianceThe origins, types, and developments of AIScanning and scenario writing: Artificial intelligence, law, offending and crime controlThe ultimate criminal? When smart things do the wrong thingAI detectives: Actuarial justice on steroidsFrom pre-crime to Model Of Care: Theorising AI and crimeConclusionNotesReferences'The Internet of Everything': Techno-social hybrids of the internet of thingsUnpacking the wonderworld of the IoTScanning and scenario writing: The surge and impact of smart devicesWho is watching who?: Ubiquitous surveillance, security, privacy, and agency in the era of the IoTFrom 'crime harvest' to 'the Internet of evidence': Offending and solving crimes in smart environments'Smart borders': Sensing and regulating mobilityIntersectionalities: Targeting the 'Other'The technological unconscious of the IoT: Theorising smart devicesConclusionNotesReferencesAutonomous mobile robots: Kinetic machines in charge?The origins, types, and advances of mobile robotsScanning and scenario writing: Smart machines' takeover?On the morality of robotsMoving robots: Killing machines on the loose?Policing in the era of mobile robotsEnforcing immobility: 'Dronisation' of 'roborders'Theorising mobile robots: Companion species with life on their own?ConclusionNotesReferencesBlockchain: The game-changer?Blockchaining the worldScanning and scenario writing: The impact of blockchain and cryptocurrenciesFrom 'Wild West' to 'Silk Road': Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and offendingSecurity, tracking, and crime prevention: Fighting crime, one block at the timeBlockchain and the supply chain governanceTheorising blockchain in the future Internet: Building bridgesConclusionNotesReferencesDeciphering digital frontier technologiesCrime and punishment in the future Internet: State of the affairs and possible trajectoriesWhere to go from here?References
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