Affective Teaching in Nursing

ForewordPrefaceWhy this? Why now?OrganizationAcknowledgmentsI The Problem in Nursing EducationWhat Is Affective Pedagogy: What Is the Risk for Faculty?POSSIBILITIESCHALLENGES OF DEFINING AFFECTIVE TEACHINGBLOOM'S TAXONOMY AND EARLY AFFECTIVE PEDAGOGY IN NURSINGChallenges in Using Bloom's TaxonomyFOUNDATIONS FOR AFFECTIVE PEDAGOGYPsychodramaGestalt PsychologyHumanistic (Rogerian) TherapyWays of KnowingSocial–Emotional LearningCONTEMPORARY EDUCATION THEORIES AND AFFECTIVE PEDAGOGYContemporary Educational TheoriesAcademic TheoriesLearning Environment TheoriesSocial TheoriesHumanistic TheoriesHOLISTIC CURRICULUM MODELSRISK FOR AFFECTIVE TEACHERSAffective Education or Therapy?SUMMARYReviewing Traditional Teaching MethodsHISTORICAL TRADITIONAL TEACHINGTRADITIONS IN NURSING EDUCATIONMuddy WaterSUMMARYPlanting the Objectivist Movement in Nursing EducationSCIENCE OF THE SUBJECTIVETHE IMPACT OF QUANTUM MECHANICSA NEW RESEARCH PARADIGMInterpretive InquirySUMMARYII Affective Concepts, Strategies, and MethodsBuilding an Infrastructure for Affective-Literate TeachersCLASSROOM CULTURE PROMOTED BY CARE PEDAGOGYUniversal Care ParadigmPresence in CaringNursing Care TheoryCLASSROOM CULTURE SUPPORTED BY TEACHER IMMEDIACYPROXEMICS IS YOUR FRIENDCOMMUNITIES OF PRACTICESUMMARYAdjusting Philosophies to Support Affective Teaching in Nursing EducationACADEMIC NURSING COMPETENCIES FOR FACULTYAFFECTIVE TEACHING PRACTICESTaking the Arts to HeartLiterature and PoetryMusicFilmVisual ArtOther Aesthetic MethodsETHICS AND MORAL DEVELOPMENTREFLECTIVE PROCESSESTEACHER SELF-REFLECTIONCONCEPTS OF REALITYSUMMARYMeasuring Affective TeachingA NEW RESEARCH PARADIGMCoherent SuperpositioningBUILDING AN AFFECTIVE CLASSROOM ASSESSMENT TOOLProxemics and Five Instructional PedagogiesImmediacy and Care PracticesWays of KnowingFocus QuestionsInstructors' PerspectivesStudents' PerspectivesResearcher's PerspectivesSUMMARYUsing Affective Pedagogy in Distance LearningTHE PROBLEMTECHNOLOGY IN CLASSROOMSMULTIMEDIA AND HYPERMEDIA SYSTEMSGAMING IN NURSING EDUCATIONCHEATING WITH TECHNOLOGYSUMMARYMoving From Presentation Slides to Affective Teaching at ConferencesPOWERPOINT EXPERIENCESFOUR STAGES OF POWERPOINT USAGEPRESENTATION ETIQUETTEAFFECTIVE PRESENTATION METHODSSUMMARYIII Integrating Affective Teaching in Nursing: The Big Picture in Nursing EducationConducting a Current Literature Review on Affective Teaching: What Does This Mean for Nursing?CURRENT RESEARCH USING AFFECTIVE METHODSAffective Teaching and EI Impact on NursingE-LEARNING AND AFFECTIVE PEDAGOGYImpact on Affective Teaching in Nursing From e-Learning ResearchRELATIONAL EDUCATIONCreating Inner Tension Creates Self-AwarenessRelational Teaching for NursingSUMMARYThe Emotional and Social Intelligence MovementHISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT OF SOCIAL– EMOTIONAL LEARNINGSEL FOR HIGHER EDUCATIONSelf-Awareness ClusterSelf-Regulation ClusterMotivation ClusterEmpathy ClusterSocial Skills ClusterSUMMARYInternational Social–Emotional Learning and the Affective Education MovementAFFECTIVE EDUCATION IN ASIA AND THE PACIFIC REGIONSChinaIndonesiaMalaysiaNepalPhilippinesThailandHigher Education in ChinaAFFECTIVE EDUCATION IN EUROPEGermanyIrelandEnglandRussiaSpainSUMMARYTaking the Red Pill and Breaking the IllusionsTHE RED PILL OR THE BLUE PILLA NEW PROFESSIONALDEEPENING THE JOURNEYEpilogueWebsites
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