TA deployment policy summary: Our agreement on the deployment of teaching assistants

TAs can expect the senior leadership team to:

  • • Ensure each TA is deployed in a role that reflects their skills and aptitudes.
  • • Define, clearly and properly, the tasks and duties each TA can expect to be asked to perform in their role, and specify their contribution to teaching and learning at [name of school).
  • • Provide timely and appropriate training and preparation to ensure TAs are confident and ready to undertake the tasks they are given.
  • • Avoid deploying TAs in roles for which they are not specifically trained or that are more appropriately undertaken by a qualified teacher. (Some very exceptional circumstances may apply).
  • • Recognise and celebrate TAs’ contribution to teaching and learning, and treat them as professionals in their own right.
  • • Provide induction and professional devolvement opportunities, supervision and performance reviews commensurate with maintaining their professional identity.
  • • Ensure teaching staff are aware of their role and responsibility for ensuring TAs are deployed appropriately and are properly prepared for the tasks they give them.
  • • Train and support teachers to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to deploy TAs appropriately and consistently.

TAs can expect teachers to:

  • • Be aware of the school’s expectations of how to deploy and prepare TAs, and ensure their contribution to teaching and learning is consistent with our whole school aims.
  • • Know the respective roles and skills of the TAs they work with most frequently and deploy them appropriately.
  • • Communicate adequate information and instructions about lessons ahead of time, and clearly specify TAs’ role in, and contribution, to each lesson.
  • • Provide opportunities for TAs to feed back after lessons and provide clear guidance on what information should be fed back.
  • • Respond in a positive and timely fashion to requests from TAs for information about lessons, pupils, curriculum content, instructional techniques, or any other information essential to ensuring their effective deployment in lessons and contribution to learning.
  • • Not discharge responsibilities to TAs that, as the lead professional in the classroom, belong to them.
  • • Recognise and reinforce TAs’ professional identity and their status within the school.
  • • Contribute to induction and training, supervision and performance reviews for TAs.
  • • Request training and guidance in order to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to meet their professional duties and responsibilities as a teacher, including how to deploy TAs appropriately.

The senior leadership team and teachers expect TAs to:

  • • Act in a manner that upholds the professional identity of TAs at [name of school].
  • • Participate in the school’s induction programme and performance review process.
  • • Make the most of training and professional development opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills.
  • • Prompt teachers for pre-lesson information and to ask for clarification where required.
  • • Perform and interact with pupils in ways that are consistent with what the school expects from TAs in ternis of their contribution to teaching and learning.
  • • Contribute to lesson planning and feedback at teachers’ request.
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